Rosemary's Surgery for Baggy Eyes

Rosemary's Surgery for Baggy Eyes

Rosemary had a client who was a plastic surgeon, and she asked if he thought she should have her eyes done, and he said, "I think you should've done them 10 years ago." His statement confirmed for Rosemary what she'd long believed, that her eyes were beginning to sag and droop, making her look older and tired. The bags under her eyes had always bothered her, and so she decided to give herself a sixtieth birthday present and have her eyes done.

It was a relatively quick procedure, taking only an hour and a half, and takes differing times to fully heal, depending on the patient. Now, three years later, Rosemary continues to have no bags under her eyes,

While she had heard on TV that having your eyes done was the most efficient financial investment in improving one's appearance, once she had it done herself, Rosemary fully agreed. She is very happy with the results, and feels that having her eyes look refreshed gave her added confidence as she moves into her mid-60's.

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