Is a nonsurgical nose job for you?

Is a nonsurgical nose job for you?
Is a nonsurgical nose job for you?

Thirty-five-year-old Olivia Kraus has always been unhappy about the appearance of her nose. But she was afraid to have nose surgery because she understood that results of a rhinoplasty are permanent.

She told Fox News, "When I see my nose I'm not satisfied because I see this dent and crack in it." Even worse, she felt that this problem would get worse as she ages. "My father has the crack in his nose and his nose has drooped as he's gotten older," Kraus said. "So I live in fear about how it's going to progress."

Kraus felt stuck until a friend told her about a nonsurgical procedure that might alter the appearance of her nose. She consulted with a board-certified practitioner who proposed a treatment that would take 15 minutes. According to Kraus's doctor, "The patient comes in and has an identifiable issue with their nose, like a bump or a downward turning, and we use filling material to correct that problem."

Kraus was excited to hear about this and underwent the procedure. After applying a topical anesthetic, her doctor injected Radiesse, into Kraus's nose, an injectable filler made of a protein that is commonly found in human bone. After the filler was injected under the skin, Kraus's doctor physically molded it into place, so it would fill in the crack, enhancing the shape of Kraus's nose.
But that wasn't all the doctor did. There is a muscle in the face that physically pulls the nose down. Kraus's doctor injected some Botox into that muscle with the expectation that once it took effect, in about five days, it would help push up Kraus's nose.

Kraus was delighted with the results; the crack disappeared and her nose looked really good.

Filler is not the answer for everyone who thinks their nose is unattractive. For some, a rhinoplasty is the best option. To find out if you are a good candidate for injectable fillers, arrange a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

Possible side effects of a nonsurgical nose job include bruising and swelling, which typically go after five to seven days. Results are not permanent, so if you like the way you look, you will probably need to return for a touchup every nine months to a year.