Why My Friends Were Blown Away By My Mini Facelift

Why My Friends Were Blown Away By My Mini Facelift

Claudia consulted with her board-certified plastic surgeon about having her eyes done and he suggested she could benefit from a lower facelift.

She then decided to undergo a lower facelift. “As a skilled aesthetic plastic surgeon he looked at the whole picture and knew what could be accomplished,” Claudia explains.

The incisions were made inside of Claudia’s ear, leading round and to the back of her ear. “My only concern was the scars, but after I was told they wouldn’t be visible, it gave me the confidence that I would be able to heal without noticeable scars,” noted Claudia.

Claudia’s stitches were removed a few days after her surgery and she experienced minimal pain and swelling. “I was able to resume my normal activities after a week and my friends were blown away by the results!” exclaimed Claudia.

A mini facelift is a surgical procedure to treat facial wrinkles and sagging caused by aging. The procedure involves removal of excess skin, tightening of underlying tissues and muscle and re-draping skin on the face and neck.