Fortifying My Eye Fringe with Latisse: Part 1

Fortifying My Eye Fringe with Latisse: Part 1
Fortifying My Eye Fringe with Latisse: Part 1

Remember when a rapid fluttering of your youthful lashes could create a devastating windstorm capable of charming the masses and clearing your desk of a day’s workload? Me too. And I want them back.

Today’s sad news is something that we’ve all likely noticed as the digits on our drivers license swim past 35 — eyelashes thin as we age. The natural aging process and its insistence on slowing body hair growth plays a big part in losing eyelash luster, but it’s also likely compounded by some bad habits of our own. Going to bed with makeup on (check,) using expired cosmetics (check,) wear and tear from rubbing your eyes (check,) your cat’s insistence on licking your lashes while you sleep (Oh? That’s just me? Shrug) — these all amplify the fact that your once fluffy eyelid fringe has turned into a sad semblance of its former self, and leaving the house without mascara… Will. Never. Happen. Again.

Like most beauty bloggers, I’m willing to take one for the team. I’ve tried a litany of mascaras, glue on fakes, over-the-counter eyelash serums, and professional eyelash extensions — each time being disappointed by less-than-impressive results and even further eyelash damage. But am I giving up on having the luscious lashes I was born with? No. I’m going to try Latisse. And then I’m going to tell you all about it.

With celebrity spokespersons like Brooke Shields, Clare Danes and Christina Hendricks you’ve likely heard of Latisse, but just in case you haven’t, let’s review.

Manufactured by pharmaceutical company Allergan, Latisse emerged from a happy accident side effect of the glaucoma drug called bimatoprost. Patients using the eye drop form of the drug started reporting long, luscious lashes and voila, spawned an eye doctor “a-ha” moment. After clinical trials, Latisse was approved by the FDA for eyelash regrowth in 2008, and has since become wildly popular. It’s easy to use and is reported to… wait for it… actually work, producing longer, thicker and darker lashes in 16 weeks.

Here’s how it works. Each night you start with a clean, makeup free face, you remove contact lenses if you wear them, and then you draw a thin line of Latisse on the upper lash line using the applicators supplied. You discard the applicators after each use (reusing an applicator can lead to infection) and never apply Latisse to your lower lash line — the drug — and don’t be fooled by its easy-peasy makeup-like application, Latisse is still a drug — will spread to your lower lashes automatically when you blink. You do this consistently each night and then, like Jack’s magical beanstalk, your lashes will start to grow towards the heavens.

Okay, so what’s the rub? Well, for starters you need a prescription from your doctor. It’s also not cheap. At $120 for a months supply, you’ll pay a pretty penny to get those luscious lashes back. (And in the spirit of full-disclosure, I did sign up for a free trial.) As with most drugs, results may vary and you should see your eye doctor prior to using Latisse if you are prone to certain eye problems, like uveitis, conjunctivitis, or glaucoma. Most patients report zero side effects (my fingers are crossed — but rest assured, you’ll be the first to know), but it’s important to talk to your doctor if you notice any eye redness or itching, dry eyes, or eyelid skin darkening. And let’s touch on the rumors that Latisse will permanently turn your peepers a different color, shall we? In rare instances there was a change in eye color when the glaucoma medication itself was dropped into the cornea. However, in studies done with Latisse, there were no reports of change in eye color, and I have yet to talk to a doctor who’s ever seen this phenomena.

So in a fit of less-than-scientific enthusiasm, I’m off! Goodbye wimpy thinning lashes and hello long, fluttering, full eye fringe. I can’t wait to share the results!

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