How Fat Can Restore a Youthful Look to Your Eyes

How Fat Can Restore a Youthful Look to Your Eyes

Years ago, the approach to restoring a youthful look to the eyes was to take away as much as possible, but this hallowed the upper eyelid giving patients a skeletal look; notes New York based plastic surgeon Oren Tepper, MD.

Today, most people are now approaching it with moderation making a nice skin excision to remove fat and building volume around the upper eye region.

“Fat is harvested from the abdomen by creating a small puncture. It is then used to build up volume around the eye, forehead and brow region. The nice thing we are seeing with fat is it’s changing the arch and appearance of the upper eye brow. You can get consistent results with minor minimum invasive procedures. Fat has been a great addition!” exclaims Dr. Tepper.

Fat restores volume under the eyes plumping up the depression people get as they age, essentially building up below that valley. With the upper eyelid, it can be used to create that nice crease seen in younger patients.

“You want to achieve nice results without that overly done or very obvious plastic surgery look. This is a safe outpatient procedure which requires downtime of about a week,” notes Dr. Tepper.

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