Facial procedures might lift your mood

Facial procedures might lift your mood
Plastic surgery might lift your mood

Going under the knife has numerous benefits, one of which might be to lift your self-esteem - particularly in the case of rhinoplasty. A recent study from researchers at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia found that patients who have received nose jobs saw a rise in their self-confidence and overall improvement of their lifestyle, according to Reuters.

Looking at 16 studies that measured patients' self-esteem before and after a rhinoplasty procedure, as well as face and eye lifts, the doctors saw a small increase in mood and quality of life, the news source reported. Numerous respondents also reported a more positive image of their body.

However, the lead author of the University of Pennsylvania study stated to the news outlet that more research is needed to truly understand the connection between nose jobs and happiness. 

"Because there are still so few well-performed studies that address this question, I believe it is premature to confirm the science behind this notion of 'looking better means feeling better,'" the doctor said. 

While plastic surgery procedures have already been suggested to lift the moods of many patients, the research has mostly focused on breast augmentation. The study's lead author told the news outlet that there was little data on rhinoplasties, which have decreased in frequency throughout the country. Despite dropping by 34 percent over the last 10 years, the procedure was ranked as one of the most common plastic surgery operations in 2009. 

Rhinoplasty operations cost about $4,000 and are not typically covered by insurance, unless it's done out of medical necessity, such as to repair deviated septum or chronic sinusitis, according to health care insurer Aetna. Since rhinoplasties are one of the most difficult procedures for plastic surgeons, individuals interested in reshaping their nose should always first consult a board-certified plastic surgeon.