Do facial exercises make you look younger?

Do facial exercises make you look younger?
Do facial exercises make you look younger?

By Jo-Lynne Shane

I’ve been hearing a lot about facial exercises to help combat the signs of aging.
On the one hand, it makes sense. Physical exercise definitely can change the body’s appearance. I’ve been working out with a trainer for two years, and I can personally attest to how certain body parts have been lifted and toned.

On the other hand, I’m a bit skeptical that facial exercises can be as effective as cosmetic treatments. And then there’s the issue of compliance and consistency. Am I really going to stick with it? I can barely remember to brush my teeth every day, and I haven’t taken my vitamins in months. Am I really going to consistently do facial exercises?

Of course, I always prefer to try a non-medical solution first so I’m definitely up for giving these facial exercises a try. I’d just like to know if it’s worth my time and effort.

According to a newly published study in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the jury’s still out on the efficacy of facial exercises as a method of aesthetic rejuvenation.

Basically, they performed a systematic review of the medical literature and only found nine studies that examined the effectiveness of facial exercises for diminishing signs of age. While these studies all touted success, at the end of the day, the lead author of this study states, “Our review shows that there is not enough evidence to conclude whether facial exercises are effective for reducing the signs of aging.”

So really, we just don’t know.

The anecdotal evidence is mixed. Some say yes Some say no

Even those who do promote the value of facial exercises admit you have to do them daily for a few months before you will notice a change. Again, this makes sense based on how our bodies generally respond to exercise, but will you be that diligent? I doubt I would.

On the other hand, it certainly can’t hurt to try.

What say you? Have you tried facial exercises? Would you bother giving them a shot before committing to more invasive surgical procedures, or would you rather go straight for the big guns?