Facelift Helps Joanne Stay Competitive

Facelift Helps Joanne Stay Competitive

For mother-of-three Joanne, looking good is important. She works in a competitive field where looking youthful is important to maintain an edge, so she began considering a facelift. She felt it was important to do something about her eyes, which were starting to sag and wrinkle, making it difficult to put makeup on. Also, she was concerned about her sagging neck, and these changes were affecting her sense of self-esteem and lowering her confidence.

Following her facelift, Joanne stayed overnight in the hospital, but upon coming how was very pleased to see positive results very quickly. She felt very good and within seven days, she was comfortable going out in public. On the tenth day following her surgery, she was out with fellow salespeople, and no one was even aware that she’d undergone the procedure.

While most people don’t know that Joanne had any procedure done, whenever she hears “You look really good,” it increases her esteem and self-confidence. Looking back, Joanne is surprised at how long it took her to get a facelift when she looks through old photographs of herself. At 60 years old, she looks and feels terrific.

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