The Difference Between A Male and Female Rhinoplasty

The Difference Between A Male and Female Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty, also referred to as a nose job, is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance and/or correct a deformity of the nose. ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Larry Weinstein explains the difference between a male and female rhinoplasty, “For a male nose you want to have a straight angle and for a female nose you want to have it indented just slightly to feminize the nose, but not too much to the point of a ski slope or upturned nose.”

The objective of a rhinoplasty is to enhance the patient’s profile and overall appearance without looking overdone, notes Dr. Weinstein.

Silicone including liquid silicone was a common material used over 50 years ago for nose reconstruction. The disadvantage with using silicone blocks is that they shifted position. “I use bone grafts from the cranium and other areas of the body as well, for nose reconstruction, chin, and cheek bones. It is a person’s own indigenous material and is the best tissue that we can use. This is an exciting aspect of plastic surgery!” exclaims Dr. Weinstein.
The Vectra 3D imaging system has enhanced the way plastic surgeons communicate with their patients, managing their expectations by showing them a preview of a three-dimensional model of their anticipated results prior to surgery.

“I want my patients to understand what can be achieved. My mission is to enhance the patients face not radically change it,” notes Dr. Weinstein. “Many times I ask my patients to come in for a second consultation with their mother or father, to discuss and determine what is best for the patient.”

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