You Can Achieve Natural-Looking Facelift Results with This Technique

You Can Achieve Natural-Looking Facelift Results with This Technique

Plastic surgeons have developed a fairly new technique for performing a facelift which focuses more on tightening the muscles below the skin as opposed to pulling the skin. The results look natural and subtle. Dr. Sherrell Aston, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in New York City explains how the modern facelift is performed.

“The Superficial MusculoAponeurotic System, also known as SMAS, is connected to the muscle in the neck that is a main offending muscle with the aging process. We have the ability to move SMAS and the platysma muscle in continuity, depending on the patient and their individual anatomy, in order to perform a modern facelift,” explains Dr. Aston.

There are different SMAS techniques that can be performed, and depending on the anatomy of the patients, different techniques can be used on each side of the face to produce optimal results. Dr. Aston explains, “It’s not unusual to see a great deal of variation of the anatomy on the two sides of the face – not everyone is symmetrical in the face.”

The real contouring is done by changing the underlying foundation to create a look that is more aesthetically pleasing. When tension is placed on the skin the achieved result will be a “wind-blown look,” notes Dr. Aston.

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