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  • What Plastic Surgeons Really Think About Body Modification

    I was recently sitting at my local bank branch waiting to chat with a financial manager, when I noticed a young man dressed in a suit and tie nervously tapping on his ear. I noticed he was armed with his leather briefcase and holding copies of his resume, (which he kept scanning), so I assumed he was waiting for a job interview. As I looked a bit more closely at him, I noticed his earlobe and was immediately struck by its gaping hole. 

  • Was Sir Mix-a-lot Right? The Skinny on Buttock Surgery

    Apparently my ship has FINALLY COME IN. After all these years of lamenting about my rather large derriere, which I’ve always said one could set a table on - I am now sporting a feature that many women now actively seeking to enhance on their own bodies. That’s right - Kim Kardashian and I are taking the world by storm with our well-endowed buttocks and women everywhere are clamoring to have the ability to balance a champagne glass on their bottom. 

  • What Happens After Bariatric Surgery? We’ve Got the Skinny on Follow-up Procedures to Deal with All that Extra Skin

    I think in some ways we all want a microwave result in life. I use the term microwave in that most of us want a quick fix solution – and a microwave is emblematic of that. You put your food inside – and voila! In mere minutes, it's cooked! Whereas years ago you had to actually wait while a slow flame cooked your food, these days it's as easy as popping it in a microwave pushing a few buttons and letting electricity be your guide. 

  • If You’re Not Quite Ready for Surgery, Consider This!

    Were it not for the mirror, I probably wouldn’t believe it myself. I feel 25, but the mirror doesn’t lie and it reminds me, painfully, that I’m 41. It happened so gradually, it was like watching grass grow. Those little lines around my eyes that used to resemble tiny twigs have morphed into lengthy tree branches that have taken up permanent residence and found their way up into the edges of my hairline. Don't get me wrong, I would NEVER EVER trade what I have and the experiences that have led me to this milestone age. 

  • Pectoral Implants: Are You a Good Candidate for This Procedure?

    The beauty of living in 2015 is that cosmetic surgery is within reach of everyone. These days, if a person feels truly unhappy with the way they look, and that unhappiness is having a profound effect on their well-being and ability to function as a generally content and productive member of society, there are significantly more accessible options to fix virtually anything aesthetic now than there were even 10 years ago. 

  • Caitlyn Jenner's Transgender Transformation: A Doctor's Point of View

    I’m not going to lie - when I saw Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover I was mesmerized by her beauty. Her flawless feminine features were a 180 degree transformation from the former Olympic athlete's masculinity and the unveiling in and of itself was powerful on many levels. In fact, her quite public transformation has essentially put her on the map as a beacon of strength and resilience for those individuals who are currently in the trenches dealing with their own personal transgender journeys.  

  • Need Eyebrows? The Neograft Eyebrow Transplantation Procedure Might Be Worth The Investment

    Performing the daily chore of enhancing the color of my eyebrows and creating the illusion of thicker and fuller brows is the story of my life…literally - or as my husband would say, the bane of my existence. As a fair-skinned, blonde-from-birth woman much to my chagrin, now at age 41, my once blonde roots are currently dark, (hence the BFF relationship I share with my colorist,) and yet my sparse brows and lashes have not gotten the message and remain lily white blonde.  

  • Should You Let Your Teen Undergo Plastic Surgery?

    At 41 years-old, I have learned that beauty is truly skin deep, and yet just when I think I've finally allowed that statement to fully integrate into my overall consciousness, an off-hand comment hurled my way can revert me back to that 16 year-old insecure teen who desperately wanted a nose job. 

  • Make Room Ladies - Men are Opting for Cosmetic Surgery Too

    I have always had a thing for older men. In fact, I married a man who is 15 years older than me and constantly tell him he SHOULD NOT color his gray hair (mainly because I don’t want him to walk around with a head looking like its covered in shoe polish but I digress). To me his deep-set wrinkles remind me of his distinguished life and honestly I am more attracted to him now than I was 16 years ago when we first met. Now however, the old adage that men age gracefully and are considered “distinguished and mature” is getting a bit of a re-examination among boomers.  

  • What to Expect After a Mastectomy

    I may come off as completely ignorant with the statement I’m about to make, but I’m putting it out there. I ignorantly thought after a woman underwent a mastectomy, getting reconstructive breast surgery would be akin to getting breast augmentation. And I think it is a prevalent misconception based on the way the reconstructive process is portrayed in the media. 

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