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  • Caitlyn Jenner's Transgender Transformation: A Doctor's Point of View

    I’m not going to lie - when I saw Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover I was mesmerized by her beauty. Her flawless feminine features were a 180 degree transformation from the former Olympic athlete's masculinity and the unveiling in and of itself was powerful on many levels. In fact, her quite public transformation has essentially put her on the map as a beacon of strength and resilience for those individuals who are currently in the trenches dealing with their own personal transgender journeys.  

  • Need Eyebrows? The Neograft Eyebrow Transplantation Procedure Might Be Worth The Investment

    Performing the daily chore of enhancing the color of my eyebrows and creating the illusion of thicker and fuller brows is the story of my life…literally - or as my husband would say, the bane of my existence. As a fair-skinned, blonde-from-birth woman much to my chagrin, now at age 41, my once blonde roots are currently dark, (hence the BFF relationship I share with my colorist,) and yet my sparse brows and lashes have not gotten the message and remain lily white blonde.  

  • Should You Let Your Teen Undergo Plastic Surgery?

    At 41 years-old, I have learned that beauty is truly skin deep, and yet just when I think I've finally allowed that statement to fully integrate into my overall consciousness, an off-hand comment hurled my way can revert me back to that 16 year-old insecure teen who desperately wanted a nose job. 

  • Make Room Ladies - Men are Opting for Cosmetic Surgery Too

    I have always had a thing for older men. In fact, I married a man who is 15 years older than me and constantly tell him he SHOULD NOT color his gray hair (mainly because I don’t want him to walk around with a head looking like its covered in shoe polish but I digress). To me his deep-set wrinkles remind me of his distinguished life and honestly I am more attracted to him now than I was 16 years ago when we first met. Now however, the old adage that men age gracefully and are considered “distinguished and mature” is getting a bit of a re-examination among boomers.  

  • What to Expect After a Mastectomy

    I may come off as completely ignorant with the statement I’m about to make, but I’m putting it out there. I ignorantly thought after a woman underwent a mastectomy, getting reconstructive breast surgery would be akin to getting breast augmentation. And I think it is a prevalent misconception based on the way the reconstructive process is portrayed in the media. 

  • Getting Those Pouty Lips You Covet is Easier Than You Think!

    Elizabeth Taylor’s infamous quote “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together,” perfectly sums up our society’s collective obsession with lips. In fact, I’d venture a guess that before most women leave their house- at least 90 percent of them first and foremost accentuate their lips with some kind of enhancer be it a shimmery gloss or lip stain. Why? Because prettying up our pouts is a quick and easy way to feel more pulled together and feminine. 

  • Fat Busting Options That Don’t Require Surgery

    There is no denying that our culture is obsessed with losing body fat. Just ask anyone who has been up during the wee hours of the morning channel surfing, and they’d be hard-pressed to deny that they weren’t bombarded by infomercial after infomercial touting pills, potions and some odd looking contraptions that are “GUARANTEED” to help one lose fat or get their money back. And the fat-busting industry is no longer the domain of D-list celebrities - remember Suzanne Somers and her Thigh Master? 

  • Anesthesia 101: What You Need to Know Before Your Next Cosmetic Procedure

    Ever since Joan Rivers’ passing, I have several friends who have expressed concerns about having any kind of procedure which would require having to undergo anesthesia. Rivers, who was notorious for the number of cosmetic surgeries she’d amassed, ironically did not fall ill while having a cosmetic surgery procedure- rather while having an endoscopic one. Rivers died on September 4, 2014, a week after she underwent a procedure at Manhattan’s Yorkville Endoscopy clinic. 

  • Get the 411 on the Expiration Dates of Cosmetic Surgery Results

    I have a tendency to get nervous during virtually any medical procedure, and one of the ways I calm myself down is by talking… a lot. So, when I was recently getting my annual mammogram, I was yammering away with the technician, who was squashing my breast like a pancake in a vise-like contraption to get a decent picture of what was going on in there. Somehow, talking makes me feel less uncomfortable – or at least mentally anyway.  

  • How Much Cosmetic Surgery is Too Much?

    Before Michael Jackson’s passing, there was a rumor floating around that he had undergone excessive plastic surgery on his nose and as a result, had to wear a prosthetic one - as there simply wasn't enough skin left to sustain functionality. Regardless of whether or not it was true, if you compared photos of him from the 70s through the late 90s, it was quite clear that he had completely changed the look of his nose repeatedly… which begs the question – Why wasn’t he ever fully satisfied with the results?  

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