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  • Red Flags That You’re Getting Your BOTOX® From the Wrong “Professional”

    BOTOX injections seem common these days, but just because it feels like everyone else is getting them, doesn't mean that just anyone should be administering them.  

    I spoke with board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Adam Rubinstein to get professional advice on the most important questions to ask anyone about to administer botulinum toxin (BOTOX, Dysport, Xeomin) or any other injectable(s) to your face or anywhere else on your person!  

  • Revealing the Beauty Within: Dermabrasion and Chemical Peels

    Most of us dream of recapturing the essence of youth and returning to the dewy freshness that's faded with the years due to hours on the beach, long runs in the summer, that pesky smoking habit in college, and exposure to other environmental toxins. Every line tells a story and sometimes we don't want those stories broadcast.  

    While face, brow and neck lifts can transform a face into a more youthful version of itself, there are other options to enhance the look and feel of our skin-- which is thankfully much less expensive and non-invasive. Awesome.  

  • Be smart about beauty: Get back to the basics

    I sum up “Smart Beauty” in four short phrases because beauty is elemental. It’s basic. It’s less about putting on, and more about exposing the raw materials, artfully.  

    Self Care
    My first beauty basic - do what I can do on my own.  

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Mary Cunningham is a health and wellness writer and co-founder of the lifestyle site, Girl Around Town and travels regularly between New York, Austin and Houston. She loves speaking about the beauty we have inside and how to do the inner work to let that beauty radiate. Prior to leaving the corporate world to start her own company, Mary worked at the GRAMMYs in Los Angeles, before moving to Manhattan, where she joined Nokia's Digital Music Department.