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  • The best tricks to cover a blemish

    I love when I confess to something somewhat embarrassing (adult acne breakouts) and it hits home. It makes it worth it. A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my harrowing ordeal getting a cortisone shot for my adult-sized pimple. The results were also very adult – no picking at it like teenager and much quicker recovery.  

  • Sticking it to adult acne break-outs

    In my last column, I confessed to getting pimples more now than when I was waiting to be asked to the prom. The response was amazing. People were sending me notes and messages telling me they too suffer from more blemishes as an adult then they ever did as teens. They also learned that they’d been treating said breakouts the wrong way. 

  • 6 ways to correct spider and varicose veins

    I remember when my daughter asked me about my tattoo. I apprehensively turned to look where she was pointing, ‘cause either I’d gotten a tattoo some drunken college night, without my knowledge, or she was pointing to a vein. To be honest, I wasn’t sure which was better.  

    Alas, it was an ugly blue vein that formed a letter P. The only P in the family is my mother-in-law, which would be abnormal to attribute my faux tattoo to. 

  • How to deal with adult breakouts and blemishes

    Seriously, why does it seem like I get more zits now than I did when I was hitting puberty? I have no pending proms and I got my braces off in 1988, yet I honestly get a couple of zits a month and what’s worse they are small but leave scars. My friends and I like to tease each other when we notice an eruption by saying things like, “OMG, is that from being stressed about Billy asking you to go to third base?” or “Nice pimple, that one would need its own oxygen mask on a plane.” 

  • 6 ways to combat FaceTime neck

    You know how every once in a while you accidentally FaceTime someone or you pick up the phone to take a picture and the camera is turned to face you and you literally squeal in horror? The first thing I always notice is my neck. Why is it so wrinkly? Why does it look older than my face? By next year will someone mistake me for Thanksgiving dinner? 

  • Five anti-aging tools no one should live without

    OK, fine, I could live without them and I certainly don't want you thinking that if some kind of apocalypse happened or I was sent to do Peace Corps work that I would just throw my hands in the air and say, "You don't have the right outlets to charge my Clarisonic, I'm out. Where's the tallest bridge? Crap, I was sent on this mission to build a bridge? Well, as soon as I build it, I'm jumping off of it." What, I'm a philanthropic person, who doesn't like dull slack skin! 

  • The Fountain of Youth is filled with smoothies

    So many people want to jump on the blended band wagon, but they think it's a ton of work. As a self-proclaimed loafer, I guarantee there's little to no work involved (hello, I'm the same person that's too lazy to go back in the shower and shave the leg I forgot about). 

  • 8 More Beauty Myths Debunked - Seriously, Who Knew?

    My last post on beauty myths was such a hit, I thought I'd give you another chance to test your anti-aging acumen and set some records straight. For starters, it is true that if you become a vampire you will in fact stop aging, though you'll probably need to start getting spray tans … and the jury is still out on whether those fumes are harmful. Though I guess if you were technically undead some spray tan fumes wouldn't be an issue. 

  • 12 Common Beauty Myths Debunked - Yay or Nay?

    Do I really need to drink ALL that water? Do I need to spend a freakin’ fortune to look dewy Will eating Greek Yogurt make my husband look like John Stamos? These are the types of burning questions that keep me up at night. Some of these myths have been around forever and others pop up now and again with a different answer. Like knowing whether it's OK to eat eggs or not, I feel like the jury comes in with a different verdict on that one daily. 

  • Eye have it figured out

    Here's the thing about aging… somehow it sneaks up on you. I mean, common sense says it will happen and yet none of us are prepared. Instead, we're shocked! In fact, my revelation went kinda like this: One morning I looked in the mirror and thought, holy crap sometime between last night and today I aged like 20 years. Seriously, when I went to bed last night I was at least a decade younger. My eyes are puffy and those dark circles… what happened? Did I get into a melee last night when I got up to pee? 

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