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  • Acne, redness and brown spots: Workout woes

    You’ve been consistent with your skincare regimen, you stay out of the sun and you’ve resisted those sugar cravings—but you’re still struggling with skin issues? *throwing hands up in the air—what’s a gal gotta do?!  

  • Revitalize your skincare routine in 5 days

    We’ve got your five day forecast, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the weather. Instead, we’re going to focus on what five days of revising your skincare regimen can do to revitalize aging skin, and before you call in sick for the week, rest assured that this 5-day adventure is more about pairing down than amping up. Think one area of focus = one half hour a day. Totally manageable, right?  

  • A less-is-more approach to a luminous complexion

    When it comes to skincare, the title “game-changer” is often reserved for in-office treatments, new-fangled fillers and expensive serums and moisturizers, but a recent article in Self magazine claims that changing the skincare game can be as simple as changing your own routine.  

  • Spa treatments to try at home

    Between vying for a coveted appointment, exorbitant spa prices, and simply finding the time in your busy schedule, a day of pampering can be more stressful than whatever stress you’re trying to soothe at the spa. So let’s turn to the DIY-scene for some luxurious treatments that won’t cost you a fortune that you can treat yourself to at home.  

  • Skin aging linked to lack of sleep

    Bloodshot eyes and dark, puffy circles aren’t the only things you’re reaping with those late night hours. A new clinical trial by physician-scientists at Cleveland University Hospital’s Case Medical Center has found that sleep quality directly impacts skin function and aging. *yawn… wait. What?! 

  • Skincare ingredients take a turn to the strange

    From South Korea’s besotted and booming beauty industry to highborn nods from the UK’s royal family, skincare is taking a turn towards nature’s less than conventional phenomena in an effort to advance anti-aging products beyond the here and now. Snail mucus, fish eggs, and bee venom are all making the leap from witchy shopping list to cosmetics must-haves, so let’s look past the gross and try to see the good in these less than glamorous ingredients poised to shake up your skincare regimen. 

    And let’s start with the grossest. Mucus. Specifically snail slime. 

  • Spring-cleaning for your beauty routine

    Spring fever is likely starting to tighten its grip on your poor S.A.D.-ravaged heart. And while winter is still raging for most of us, let’s take to heart that old adage “in like a lion, out like a lamb” and start plotting out some pre-game seasonal beauty changes that’ll help prepare you for your springtime debut. 

    You’ve spent the last few months fighting winter weary skin, so you’ve had plenty of practice with hydration and exfoliation. But shouldn’t spring’s beautiful blooming buds act as inspiration for taking your skincare routine a step further?  

  • Acid: Yesterday’s skin staple today

    Acid reflux, acid rain, acid rock — those four little letters, A-C-I-D, are associated with a wide array of unpleasantness. Yet in the world of skincare, acid is nearly akin to a miracle in its ability to fight the cruel signs of aging. Why? Because it works.  

    Even the most respected anti-aging treatments come with their own special brand of misunderstandings, and acid peels — both over-the-counter and under — are no different. So let’s peel back the light of day and clear up some commonly held misconceptions about the use of acids in skincare. 

  • Three ways to tackle unsightly spider veins

    Spiders. Whether your instinct is to run screaming for the nearest shoe, or gently (and with trepidation) coax the wee creature onto a tissue and deposit his leggy-being outdoors — I think we can all agree we want him gone. But if you thought that bathroom showdown with an actual spider was bad, let’s talk about something worse: spider veins. And they’re not just for grandma anymore.  

    In fact, spider veins can spread their veiny goodness onto legs, and faces, and arms of any age — they’re cool like that. 

  • 3 game-changers in anti-aging

    Lions and tigers and bears — Oh my! If the dangers of Oz made poor Dorothy quake in her ruby slippers, just imagine how the poor gal would cower at today’s modern fears: flushing and sagging and jowls. OH MY… GOD! 

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