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  • What Smart Beauty Means to Me

    Hi, Smart Beauty Guide readers! 

    I’m really excited to be part of the team here, partially because smart beauty has become an increasingly important part of my life over the last few years. 

  • Don't Sweat It: Perspiration Reduction Procedures

    Nothing can ruin a day like the telltale signs of excessive sweating. 

    If you aren’t even working out and are sweating through your dress on a regular basis, chances are you are sweating more than you should be. It’s an embarrassing problem to have, but you aren’t alone. Excessive sweating affects one out of every five adults between the ages of 18-49, or approximately 30 million people, says Dr. Anthony Youn, a Detroit-based plastic surgeon.  

  • Men, It's Time to Etch Those Abs For Summer!

    It seems almost too good to be true. Can we skip the gym, relax on the diet – and just see a plastic surgeon? Can a little nip and tuck actually mimic (or replace) the effects of exercise and physical fitness? 

  • Does Plastic Surgery Increase Your Likability?

    We already know that plastic surgery, performed by the hands of a talented board-certified surgeon from the American Board of Medical Specialists (ABMS) can enhance how you look. 

    It can be minimal, (a bit of lipo here and there) or a bit more dramatic, (a plumper butt, bigger breasts etc.) and today, you can change just about everything with one plastic surgery procedure or another. We can look thinner, more voluptuous, younger… but that’s only skin deep. What does it do to the inside? 

  • Can You Claim Plastic Surgery On Your Taxes?

    Did you get a little nip and tuck last year? 

    It may be tempting to claim these expenses on your taxes, but be wary. The IRS is pretty blunt on where they stand on this issue. According to the IRS, Publication 502, Medical and Dental Expenses, you generally cannot include medical expenses for cosmetic plastic surgery procedures such as face lifts, hair transplants, hair removal (electrolysis), and liposuction.  

  • New in Beauty: Restylane Silk Offers Subtle Lip Enhancement

    As we get older, our skin changes – and with it, our appearance. 

    I’ve just entered my mid-thirties and things are starting to happen. Lines are appearing where they weren’t before; I have wrinkles and graying roots. 

    With many years (we hope) of aging before me, it seemed like a good idea to find methods to stop some of the signs in its tracks – and that’s why I tried Restylane Silk. 

  • Pre-event Quick Fixes

    Every so often, that invite comes that stops us in our tracks – the one where we’ll see the ex we hate, (but want to impress) or the ex-best friend, (who we also hate, but want to impress). Sometimes those invites come with hardly any warning, so we scramble to do all our beauty tasks in record time with the best possible results – and fall flat on our face. 

    We all want to look our best at that big family wedding or high school reunion. But we have to be realistic. Some of the best “fixers” require a good amount of pre- planning! 

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