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  • Why It’s Important To Have a Medical Exam Before Plastic Surgery

    We are conditioned to believe that cosmetic procedures aren’t “really” surgery and are inherently safer and risk-free. But ultimately, surgery is surgery, and a lot of the same precautions will exist whether you are getting a tummy tuck, nose job or an illness-related medical procedure. 

  • Using Anti-Aging Products in Your Twenties

    That first fine line, wrinkle, gray hair... We expect that in our thirties, as life and the stress that comes with it begins to take its toll. But sometimes, those signs begin to appear earlier. Or, sometimes, we decide to nip those signs in the bud before they even occur. 

    A lot is said about the benefits of preventative anti-aging treatments. It sounds like an obvious tactic to stay young forever: Start preserving your youth before it starts to fade. But is it as simple as that? Can starting an anti-aging regime in our twenties keep us looking younger longer? 

  • Using Music in the Operating Room

    You may have a favorite playlist to listen to as you work or hit the gym. Perhaps you have driving music, or that which you prefer for date night. 

    Studies have revealed that listening to music in the womb can have an impact on an infant’s development. It’s even been said that listening to music while studying or while recovering from a trauma or surgery can have a positive impact. 

  • Reasons Women Opt for Breast Surgery

    When we imagine breast surgery, we picture images of women indulging in the larger breasts they’ve always coveted – or getting relief from too-large breasts via reduction. But, there are a whole lot of other reasons, medical and otherwise, a woman may decide to opt for breast surgery. 

  • Beware: Plastic Surgery and Injectables Can Age You

    More and more of us are turning to plastic surgery and injectables to reverse the clock. We want to look younger and more vibrant and we want to remain competitive in an increasingly ageist marketplace. Likewise, our plastic surgeon’s office can often feel akin to the mythical fountain of youth. 

  • Need A Lift? Plastic Surgery Procedures to Lift Sagging Skin and Your Spirit!

    We’ve all known about facelifts for quite some time as they’ve been around for ages – but as plastic surgery becomes more popular and mainstream, options are expanding and you can lift far more than a drooping face. There is now a rather lengthy list of procedures, (upper arm lift, upper body lift, lower body lift, thigh lift, brow lift, buttock lift and even neck lift) to suit virtually anyone’s needs. Depending on the areas that most concern you at the moment, you may be considering a facelift, a neck lift, or a combination of lift procedures. So what do you need to know? 

  • Ice Is Nice: Anti-Aging Cooling Treatments

    If you think back to your childhood, you probably saw mom or grandma soothing tired eyes and such with ice cubes. You also may have been told to try a cold shower to improve your blood circulation or cool down after a stressful day. Ice cubes and cold showers have been known to have anti-aging and beauty effects, so I delved into the science behind it. 

    Ice Ice Baby 

  • The Importance of Including a Plastic Surgeon on a Cancer Recovery Team

    When we think about cancer, we think about surgery, medication, sickness and fear of the unknown. But how often do we think beyond that - to a return to normalcy, on both the inside and the outside?  

  • Getting A Nose Job Is Not Always About Vanity

    I was born with the same “Jewish nose” as my mom and many before us. As soon as I turned 18, I had it fixed – a graduation gift from my grandmas, the only gift I actually wanted. 

    Many share this story… getting nose jobs to cope with bumps and hooks and curves they aren’t comfortable with. Rhinoplasty has absolutely gotten a reputation for being about vanity, and in many cases that is what it’s all about. But, there are quite a few other reasons a person may choose to get their nose fixed, and a lot have absolutely nothing to do with vanity. 

  • Waist Training: Is It Healthy?

    We see waist training all over the Internet and on the Instagram feeds of the curvaceous and famous – but it sounds too good to be true. Can we really get the shape we crave simply by wearing a corset? And, if we can, is it safe? 

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