Symptoms and Treatment Options for Tuberous Breasts

Symptoms and Treatment Options for Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous breasts are a congenital malformation of the breasts characterized by an irregular shape. This condition manifests during puberty breast development. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Heather Furnas explains symptoms of tuberous breasts and the treatment options to correct them.

“At full manifestation, a tuberous breast has an unusually narrow base, a large and puffy areola that looks like a portabella mushroom cap, and lacks the lower breast tissue and skin. It is associated with asymmetry and can impact either one or both breasts,” explains Dr. Furnas.

Most women know they have breast asymmetry but are unaware they have tuberous breast deformity. Breast augmentation can sometimes be a sufficient treatment option. Women who have a portabella mushroom cap areola on one breast and a larger breast on the other side will require a breast augmentation on one side and breast reduction on the other in order to achieve a symmetrical look.

“This procedure is a bit challenging, but it is also very gratifying because the surgery can be life-changing!” exclaims Dr. Furnas.

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