You Can Still Have Natural-Looking Breasts with Implants, Here’s Why

You Can Still Have Natural-Looking Breasts with Implants, Here’s Why

Breast augmentation procedures continue to be one of the five most popular surgical procedures according to statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. With the variety of implant options, plastic surgeons are able to customize the procedure to accommodate each individual patient, choosing the breast implant size and shape that meets their aesthetic goals. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sheila Nazarian discusses how patients can still achieve a natural look with breast implants.

“I’m getting patients that want to be the best that they can be but still look natural. I think all across the country, with breast augmentation we are finding the numbers are still high, patients are still getting breast augmentation, but with smaller implants,” she notes. “The general rule that I like to follow is if the end result is 50% breast and 50% an implant, you will still have a natural appearance.”

Dr. Nazarian explains the footprint of the breast or the base width, starts at the sternum and ends right before the armpit. The implant should not be wider than that because the breast will look like it is coming out of the armpit, which is not an attractive look.

“Depending on how saggy the breasts are, this will determine if you need a full lift or a higher profile implant, which means when you put it on a table it stands higher compared to other implants which would mimic a pancake versus the cone breast shape,” explains Dr. Nazarian.

Some patients feel they are limited by the big size of their breasts in the way they move, how much exercise and are limited in what they can wear. They suffer from pain in their neck and back. Breast reduction is a good option in this case. This procedure is not only for aesthetic purposes, it is also functional and these patients tend to be the happiest patients plastic surgeons have.”

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