Need a Lift? 4 Techniques for the Perfect Breast Lift

Need a Lift? 4 Techniques for the Perfect Breast Lift
Need a Lift? 4 Techniques for the Perfect Breast Lift

Let’s be real with each other: there may come a point where our tatas’ perkiness itself bids us ta ta. And what if you don’t necessarily need more volume? When implants are extraneous, but your girls need a little lift, a mastopexy (breast lift) may be exactly what you need to feel good about your bust. Should you do it at the first sign of sagginess or wait until after you have kids? Who should and should not have this procedure done? We caught up with board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Yaremchuk to learn all about what you need to know before getting a breast lift — from the cost to the price to the recovery period.

Amber Katz: What do we need to know before having a breast lift/mastopexy?

Dr. Yaremchuk: A breast lift/mastopexy is performed to lift sagging breasts — very little or no breast tissue is removed, only skin. It is an aesthetic procedure that is performed to enhance your breasts. A breast reduction’s main purpose is to decrease the amount of breast tissue. It is performed to treat the symptoms of heavy breasts (back pain, neck pain, etc.)

AK: What is involved when performing a breast lift?

Dr. Yaremchuk: It is usually done under general anesthesia. Using different techniques, the sagging skin is removed in a way to restore a pleasing breast shape and to elevate the sagging nipple to a more normal position. The cost depends on the type of surgery performed, the severity of the breast sag and geographic area that it is performed. All-inclusive costs range from $5,000 to $15,000.

AK: What is the recovery process?

Dr. Yaremchuk: Recovery involves wearing a supportive bra for two weeks or so to take away any stress on the skin closure. Routine daily activities are resumed within a week and patients may return to sports within a month. Since only superficial tissues are involved (no muscle or bone), pain is not severe and subsides rapidly.

AK: Should a woman wait until after having children or is earlier better?

Dr. Yaremchuk: Since the enlargement and contraction of breasts is most often a result of pregnancy, it is better to have a mastopexy performed after childbearing. A mastopexy is usually part of the "mommy makeover”, an acronym to describe various cosmetic surgical procedures performed on women following pregnancy

AK: Who is not a good candidate for a breast lift?

Dr. Yaremchuk: Patients who have systemic diseases which make them a significant risk for general anesthesia are not good candidates for this procedure. Patients who have had previous treatment to their breasts which might compromise the circulation and impair wound healing are also not good candidates. This might include someone who underwent lumpectomy and radiation or had a breast reduction in the past. The surgeon will assess the risk and suitability on an individual basis. Patients who are healthy and have sagging breasts without excess breast tissue are the best candidates for a mastopexy.

AK: What are the differences between a lollipop lift, circle lift, crescent lift and full lift?

Dr. Yaremchuk: Theses are different techniques for tightening the breast. The circle lift is occasionally performed for patients with minimal sag. A donut of skin is removed from around the areola and resulting circular edges are sewn together and scars are confined to the periphery of the areola. This technique tends to flatten the breast mound. The crescent lift is one of the least invasive techniques, which involved a crescent of skin removed from the top of the nipple to improve nipple position. The other techniques remove larger amounts of skin and result in vertical or inverted T-scars beneath the areola. The lollipop lift for example, is performed with a vertical scar and is best for women with low hanging breasts.

AK: How long do the results last?

Dr. Yaremchuk: Longevity depends on the quality of the patient's skin. Most patients have one mastopexy during their lifetime. This, of course, depends on when they have their first mastopexy and changes in their body habits over time.

Breast lifts are a fantastic way to change the shape and elevation of your breast without necessarily adding volume and boast longer lasting results than implants. With only about a week’s recovery, you could be back to your normal routine shortly thereafter.

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