Karen's Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Karen's Breast Cancer Reconstruction

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, Karen had a lumpectomy. As a result, she decided to have both a breast reduction and reconstruction. Due to where the cancer was located, following its removal, the breast would have looked lopsided, which helped Karen make the decision to have her procedures done.

Most women, she believes, are afraid of the effects breast cancer can have on their appearance, but Karen says that finding a board certified plastic surgeon is essential, as they will help you feel more comfortable in your decision. She felt very confident in know that, following the procedure, she would still have breasts. Within six weeks, Karen felt back to her own self, but it took a bit longer until the breasts conformed fully.

When Karen looks into the mirror today, she feels very confident about her body, how she looks in clothes and a bathing suit, and--most importantly--how she looks to herself. And she credits her board certified plastic surgeon with helping her achieve such inner happiness.

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