Joanne's Breast Augmentation Story

For Joanne, a mother of three, who was very flat-chested when younger, breast implants were something she had long considered. When she was younger, she was very thin and her smaller breasts were in proportion to her figure. After aging and having children, that was no longer the case, and she felt that implants would help her proportions.

She was initially afraid, but once she discussed with her board certified plastic surgeon, she felt much more at ease. Joanne also had a tummy tuck at the same time as the implants, and the tummy tuck was the more painful of the two procedures. Typically, following breast implant surgery, recovery is fairly quick, but due to having the tummy tuck, Joanne’s recovery was longer than most.

If you are feeling like you are not attractive or are unhappy with your appearance, Joanne recommends cosmetic procedures, as they result in not only enhanced physical appearance, but in increased self-esteem.

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