Carmela's Experience Undergoing A Breast Asymmetry Correction Procedure

Carmela's Experience Undergoing A Breast Asymmetry Procedure

Carmela lived with breast asymmetry (defined as a difference of form, position, or volume of the breast) for years. She wasn’t happy about it and wanted to correct it. Dr. Tracy Pfeifer was recommended to her through casual conversation with a friend who’d already undergone the procedure.

“I researched her online, looked up her credentials, and before and after photos. I knew then that Dr. Pfeifer was the right fit for me,” explained Carmela.

During Carmela’s consultation, Dr. Pfeifer confirmed that she had tuberous breasts which are an asymmetry of the breast in terms of size. Her breast shape also had a deformity.

“Carmela needed to have a breast lift and breast implant for symmetry. We reduced the size of the areola which often is enlarged with patients who have tuberous breasts,” explained Dr. Pfeifer.
Asymmetrical breasts like Carmela’s are actually very common. Choosing either a round implant or shaped implant can deliver a customized result that looks very natural for the patient.

“Carmela had a beautiful outcome; she has a pretty natural result with fantastic symmetry. She is a different person compared to before her surgery. She is so happy; you can see it in her face,” added Dr. Pfeifer.

Following her procedure, Carmela feels more confident putting on a swimsuit.

“One of my friends said to me, you stand up a little straighter now. It balanced me out, my personality that was always strong got a little stronger, and my stride had a little more pep to it!” exclaimed Carmela.
Her advice to anyone considering plastic surgery is to find the right doctor and do it for you.