Breast Augmentation: Inserting Implant via Armpit Incision

Breast Augmentation: Inserting Implant via Armpit Incision

Breast augmentation was the second most popular surgical procedure last year with 286,694 procedures performed. The traditional choices for inserting a breast implant are either through the nipple area or the crease under the breasts.

“We now have the ability to put silicone implants through the armpit using a special funnel-like device. This approach requires special equipment and training. Once a plastic surgeon has that, it is relatively the same as the traditional approaches,” notes Dr. Adrian Lo, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Philadelphia.

Patients who are prone to bad scars would rather have it in the armpit as opposed to their nipple or underneath the breast, because hardly anybody looks into the armpit, notes Dr. Lo.

With such advances in breast augmentation, patients have more options to choose from, whether it is the nipple, crease under the breast or armpit. It comes down to what is best for the patient and what their wishes are.

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