My Breast Augmentation Enhanced My Femininity

My Breast Augmentation Enhanced My Femininity

Growing up, Debbie was flat-chested and always felt like she resembled a 12 year-old boy; she didn’t feel like a woman. This made her self-conscious when she wore certain types of clothing such as bathing suit –she lacked self-confidence.

“My sisters made fun of me and it was the on-going joke since I was the last child born that there was none left for me,” stated Debbie. “I decided to look into the surgery and chose a doctor that my friend had a recommended.”

Debbie consulted with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss exactly what size and how big she wanted to be.

“What made me feel comfortable was that he was very compassionate, friendly, and he gave me exactly what I wanted instead of over doing the breast augmentation.“

The breast augmentation boosted Debbie’s self-confidence and made her feel more like a woman.