Breast Augmentation Using Your Body Fat

Breast Augmentation Using Your Body Fat

For patients looking to enhance their breasts without necessarily enlarging them, fat grafting is an alternative to breast implants. The process involves harvesting fat from different parts of the body and processing it then injecting it into the breast tissue for enlargement, explains Louisiana based plastic surgeon, Dr. Kamran Khoobehi.

“A typical enlargement with fat grafting is about one cup. If a patient wants to go larger, I often recommend a combination of breast implants for size and fat grafting to build up a soft tissue to cover the implant, so when touching the breast you don’t feel the implant but rather the breast tissue,” notes Dr. Khoobehi.

With fat grafting alone, recovery takes typically three to five days, this is mainly at the donor site. The breast doesn’t hurt because the surgeon doesn’t cut any muscle when performing the procedure, so there is only a small incision for injection. The discomfort is mainly at the donor site where the fat was taken.

“Recovery time depends on the donor site. Patients whose fat is taken from the abdomen and ‘love handles’ usually heal fast but those who don’t have much fat in those areas and require fat from additional sites like the knee and thighs take longer to recover,” explains Dr. Khoobehi.

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