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  • Breast Implants after Pregnancy

    Megan decided to have a breast augmentation after breast feeding her child. After breast feeding her son for one year she was no longer confident enough to wear a bikini. She felt deflated and decided to have a breast augmentation. Megan had a 45 minute consultation with her plastic surgeon and decided to have silicone gel implants placed over the muscle.  

  • Breast augmentation: Fact vs. fiction

    "Should I or shouldn't I?" many women ponder before going under the knife. Prior to considering any type of cosmetic surgery, it's important to weigh the pros and cons associated with the procedure. Deciding whether to go through with a surgery can be difficult enough without having to wade through the laundry list of myths commonly associated with the operation.  

  • Filipino lawmakers create breast implant research coalition

    Following the recent conviction of Poly Implant Prothèse founder Jean-Claude Mas, who sold breast implants with unauthorized silicone to hundreds of thousands of women across the globe, many countries are taking the one of the world's most popular plastic surgery procedures more seriously. 

  • Woman shares her reconstructive journey in Glamour docu-series

    "I wasn't ready to be in a surgical patient again," Caitlin Brodnick wrote in a blog post for Glamour magazine. "I was apprehensive, worried, and obsessed with comparing the last experience with this one." 

  • Tattoo artist helps breast reconstruction patients heal

    Adjusting to life after breast reconstruction surgery can be a struggle for many breast cancer patients, but one tattoo artist in Richmond, VA, is helping patients find some relief with a touch of ink. 

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