4 ways to get fuller looking, lifted boobs

4 ways to get fuller looking, lifted boobs
4 ways to get fuller looking, lifted boobs

OK ladies, I did this research on breast enhancements for those of us whose breasts started pointing south due to gravity, breastfeeding, pregnancy ... or the ones who never had them first place. I fall into all of those categories.

Yes, I'm a member of the IBTC. (Oh, you remember, the Itty Bitty Titty Committee?) Sure, I was inducted in the 7th grade, but sadly, I've kept my status and my card for the last 27 years. I was never able to cancel that membership, no matter how many times I grabbed my wrists and crunched my chest while repeating:

We must, we must, we must increase our bust.

The bigger the better,

The tighter the sweater

The boys are counting on us…

- That was our alma mater … we have a secret handshake too, but I'm not allowed to share it … just know there's a chest bump involved.

Anyhoo, for years I've struggled with how to plump up those puppies while my friends have struggled with how to simply re-inflate the ones they once had. I've tried it all (well almost all). After decades of wonder-bras, chest exercises, hyped up products and vitamins I've come up with this list of the BEST ways to enhance your tatas. Oh, and one of the newest options, which I'm a little obsessed with!

1. Chicken Cutlets: If you're reading this article for great ideas for subpar boobies and you think a chicken cutlet is something that should be slathered in marinara, I fear we have a lot of work to do. Every starlet in Hollywood has a set of these silicon slabs to put in her bra. My favorite is Commando Takeouts, but there are a ton on the market. The inserts can go into any bra, though underwire works best to keep them in place -- you don't want one falling to your ankles while you are at a PTA meeting. What's great is that they move with you -- yep, they bounce. Also, you can use these when you just need a bit of filler for sagging boobs. Put them towards the bottom of the bra to lift and put them towards the sides if you want to fill lost mass.

My Favorite Tip: Generally, the gel/silicone gets warm in your bra and sticks to you, making it truly move with your body. I've found that to be a bit too stifling as have many women I've talked to. Here's the solution: Get cutlets that have a cover, or simply put a small stocking sock around them. They will still bounce with you, but no more sweating. Tada. I mean, Tatas.

2. Best Bras: No surprise, I'm a fan of the water or gel bras, like the one made by Fashion Forms Liquid bras have a bit more of a realistic bounce and weight to them than the ones with foam inserts. I also love OnGossamer's mesh padded Bump it Up bras and Natori's Mod low cut padded bra Don't buy a push up bra if you're simply trying to look rounded, if cleavage is not your goal, find a padded bra that doesn't push up as much as it simply fills -- No one’s boobs should be in their throat!

For T-Shirts, I love love love the Coobie bras because I get so tired of the underwire plus, they come in great colors, they're comfy and they're only $18 (though there are a lot of even cheaper copies out there that aren't nearly as good). The pads, though foam, are pretty even and they do give you great shape in a T-Shirt.

My Favorite Tip: Take any foam pads out when washing bras, wash them in a lingerie bag, shape them and then let them air dry.

3. Lift or Augmentation: Yes, this is still probably the best option. Well, if you want to own your fuller, less saggy boobies, that is. Obviously, it's a big decision, and there are many choices to make: size, type of implant, incision site etc., I always thought I'd get a small C, though my friends who've had implants and lifts with implants, say they all wanted more.

Important Tip: Like a great pair of shoes, you want to get a lot of mileage out of those puppies. DON'T get boobs based on cost or a good deal. If you can't afford a board certified plastic surgeon, then you're better off waiting.

The Up And Coming Option You May Not Know About: Fat transfer or lipoinjection. Yes, I'm a bit obsessed with this option. Why? Basically it's a method that transfers fat suctioned from your abdomen, thighs or other areas to your boobs. Yes, you read that correctly. How many times did we all jokingly ask "Why can't we take a little bit of this from here and put it there?" I know, I'm like the Jetsons right now.

Plus, the look is more natural, as the fat can be injected and contoured where you need it. Oh, and there are no incisions or implants!

OK, now that I've gotten you all excited and you've phoned your bestie and ran out to buy all new bras, I should tell you the downside.

The process may require more than one session to increase breast size and there may be a limit to the size one can obtain. You need an adequate amount of fat to transfer and it can take up to six months or more for the results to take final shape. There could also be other complications ... the possible risks are still being studied.

Keep the receipts for your new bras, but don't lose hope. Here are a couple articles with more info: Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation and Breast Enhancement Using Your Own Fat No Longer Just a Fantasy Please see a board certified plastic surgeon if you're considering the procedure, and email me the results … I may be next!

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