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  • Breast Implant Illness and research from plastic surgeons

    Dr. Marisa Lawrence shares insight on Breast Implant Illness and research underway by The Aesthetic Society members.  

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  • Breast Lift Recovery: 5 Little Words You Need To Know

    When it comes to suspense, I think we can all agree that there’s a time and a place. Nail-biting crime drama? Yes. Suspense is totally appropriate. Recovering from breast lift surgery—not so much. We can’t stress enough the importance of expectation management when you’re healing from a breast lift or any other surgical procedure. And while every patient's healing process will differ slightly from another, there are things that you can absolutely expect to encounter during recovery. 

  • Breast Lift: Do's and Don'ts For A Successful Recovery

    If today’s post seems a wee-bit bossy… that’s because, it is. But if you’re one of the 150,000+ patients per year who decide to combat deflated and/or sagging breasts through a surgical breast lift, you’re going to thank us for it. We’ve harped on before about the importance of the recovery period after a surgical procedure, and recovery from a breast lift is no different. 

  • Breast Reduction: How New Techniques In Liposuction Can Power Up Your Mammoplasty

    It’s hard not to admire a successful partnership, no? When two things work together seamlessly, like salt and pepper, pizza and pineapple (arguing with me on this is fruitless), and liposuction and breast reduction  

    You: Well, that’s a odd transition.  

    Me: Yes, yes it is. But new advances are making it nonetheless true.  

  • Repairing Inverted Nipples

    How do you "fix" inverted nipples? ASAPS member Dr. Luis Macias reveals how this common occurrence condition can be repaired with a quick and easy in-office procedure. This video was filmed during The Aesthetic Meeting 2018 - the largest meeting of board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeons learning about the latest advancements for facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation, breast revision, breast reduction, and liposuction, among other topics. 

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