Why More Women Are Undergoing Labiaplasty

Why More Women Are Undergoing Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that alters the labia minora by removing excess tissue; it has risen in popularity by 44% between 2012 and 2013 with more than 5000 procedures performed.

For certain women the labia can cause discomfort when wearing tight clothing or engaging in certain exercises. Dr. Christine Hamori, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Duxbury Massachusetts, performs 4 to 5 procedures a week.

Dr. Hamori notes, “I feel women are more comfortable coming to a female plastic surgeon for this procedure and many patients are very happy with the outcome of this surgery. “

She’s taught a course called Labiaplasty and Beyond, discussing her techniques and also exploring how the media plays into why women want to pursue this surgery.

Dr. Hamori attributes the rise in popularity to the internet and free society noting that it offers a forum for patients to anonymously research the procedure and have discussions with other patients including showing before and after pictures.

“The change in women’s grooming habits has also influenced the rise in popularity of the procedure. The reality is that women have been grooming themselves differently for about the past ten years, with many eliminating pubic hair altogether, and consequently, they are noticing what things look like in their perineal area. Many of my patients are concerned with the aesthetics and want to achieve a clean smooth look,” explained Dr. Hamori.