We’ve Got Your Back with The Bra Line Back lift

We’ve Got Your Back with The Bra Line Back lift
We’ve Got Your Back with The Bra Line Back lift

Who among us hasn’t experienced the very real and deep dressing room torture that ensues when stripping to skivvies in a three-way mirror? Not to mention the frustration with checking out one’s rear view in an especially form-fitting dress or top. If working out and eating clean isn’t doing the job and baby’s still got back, (but not exactly where it’s wanted) – then a bra line back lift may help. We caught up with Dr. Joseph P. Hunstad and Dr. Bill G. Kortesis, board-certified plastic surgeons based in Charlotte, North Carolina to learn more about the procedure and what you need to know before booking a consultation.

What is involved in a bra line back lift procedure?
It is a procedure specifically to address the soft tissue laxity of the posterior upper body by means of an upper back lift with concealment of the scar within the bra line. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and overall, it is quite safe. It is an ambulatory procedure; the surgical dressing consists of paper tape. After surgery, heavy lifting, vigorous activity, excessive flexion of the waist and thorax, and raising the arms above the head should be avoided for two weeks. Most of the time, a drain is not used.

Who is a good candidate for the procedure?
Good candidates for this surgery are patients who, despite proper diet and exercise, continue to have excess soft tissue and fat in their posterior upper back. They are usually patients with weight fluctuations.

What results can we expect? When the area is lifted, will we lose inches around the circumference of the back?
Patients should expect to see a difference in the appearance of the upper back area as a result of the reduction of the excess soft tissue excess and laxity in the posterior upper back, reducing or eliminating the upper-back rolls. In addition to the lift, there is decrease in the circumference of the upper back. It is a safe and highly effective method of achieving excellent aesthetic results in the upper back area.

What are some of the causes of bra line back fat?
The main causes are the natural aging process but also significant weight loss. As with any other part of the trunk, fat is accumulated in this zone due to weight gain.

What is the scarring like?
The closure of the wound is performed in layers so that there is no tension. For that reason, most of the time, there is no widening of the scar. The final scar is a straight horizontal line that crosses the area and is covered by the bra.

Can the procedure be performed on all areas of the back to reduce back fat?
Similar procedures can be performed in the lower back in the form of a lower body lift, to address lower back soft-tissue excess. However, these procedures do not address the upper back soft tissue excess that the bra line back lift does.

So if love handles are plaguing you, a bra line back lift won’t do the trick. If you’re unhappy with your upper back and you’re absolutely vilifying carbs, alcohol, dairy and meat and you’re slimming down but still as not much as you’d like in your posterior then it is worth considering. How about those dreaded indentations in your back from your bra even after being professionally measured? If diet, exercise and pouring yourself into Spanx is becoming an exercise in futility, not to mention uncomfortable, the bra line back lift may be the ticket for you.

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