Understanding the labiaplasty

Understanding the labiaplasty
Understanding the labiaplasty

Labiaplasties have become increasingly popular in the recent months, with the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reporting that more than 5,000 procedures were preformed in 2013. Since the procedure has seen such an impressive boom in popularity, a number of patients are seeking more information about the surgery.

Patients should treat labiaplasty surgery as they would any other procedure - trusting a board certified cosmetic surgeon and planning for adequate recovery time. And similar to sister surgeries, such as liposuction or breast augmentation, it has faced its share of criticisms.

How it works
Labiaplasty reshape a woman's labia, or the lips of the vagina. According to Smart Beauty Guide, women typically consider female rejuvenation procedures when they have lost a significant amount of weight, experience discomfort in their genitals or after they've given birth. Women who undergo this operation typically feel improvements in self-confidence and comfort levels, as well as more pleasurable sexual experiences. 

CBC News followed the journey of Carrie Anne, a 40-year-old biker who experienced discomfort in her genitals whenever she participated in physical activity. She explained to the source that she opted for the surgery to help bolster her own well-being, and has been satisfied with the results. 

"I was very uncomfortable," Carrie Anne said. "I just feel much more ... it sounds maybe weird to say, but attractive."

While the procedure was beneficial for giving Carrie Anne the boost in mental and physical health that she desired, some surgeons have spoken out against the ethics of labiaplasties.

What to keep in mind
Much like one's facial structure and body type, the shape of a woman's vagina is unique to the woman. While some women opt for the procedure to help improve physical comfort, others seek it for purely cosmetic reasons, in an attempt to better resemble the picturesque labias they've seen in the media. Andre Shakti, an adult entertainer and sex worker, explained to CBC News that she opted for the surgery after being constantly exposed to vaginas in the porn industry.

While some surgeons are concerned about the potential negative side effects the procedure may cause, such as infection, bladder injury or hemorrhage, one surgeon assured the source that these negative considerations were extremely rare among recipients. He also noted that the satisfaction among labiaplasty patients was very high (86% satisfaction rating on RealSelf.com), and those who seek the operation for purely aesthetic reasons were rare, as well.