Here’s The Difference in Fat Transfer to the Face, Breast, and Buttocks

Here’s The Difference in Fat Transfer to the Face, Breast, and Buttocks

Fat transfer also known as fat grafting is a popular for cosmetic procedure for patients who are looking to restore or add volume to their face, breast and buttocks. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami based in Beverly Hills, CA discusses how he uses fat from other areas to reshape and recontour the body in combination with other procedures based on the patient’s needs and aesthetic goals.

“Small volume fat transfer ideally helps any situation where there are soft tissue deficits or shape changes from deflation as a result of aging. Fat can be transferred to various regions of the face all the way from the jawline up to the top of the scalp,” he notes. “When a patient needs a facelift I always recommend also combining fat transfer. If someone has a very droopy, deflated face you won’t get the results you want with just volume restoration. With fat you’re going to have to perform a lift as well, either a facelift or neck lift, to reposition as you volumetrically enhance the shape and volume.”

Dr. Ghavami notes that a small volume of fat is best for the face, moderate volume is best for breasts, and large volume is best for the buttocks which requires the biggest volume addition. “Patients from around the world are seeking buttock augmentation because it is one of the trendiest procedures today.”

According to 2015 cosmetic surgery statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), there were 18,487 fat transfer procedures to the buttocks, 18,135 to the breasts and 48,059 to the face last year.
Although, fat transfer is continuing to increase in popularity there are certain limitations with the tissue and bone anatomy. “Depending on if the skin is too tight, too loose, or too saggy a lift or excisional procedure is needed at the same time,” notes Dr. Ghavami. “The power of being an effective plastic surgeon to truly reshape and restore, whether it’s to rejuvenate and make someone more youthful or whether it is to change their contour, the value is always in getting everything you can out of your toolbox that works for the patient and using a combination of procedures.”

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