Here’s how to achieve the liposuction-type results you’ve always wanted without surgery

Cool Sculpting is a revolutionary way to nonsurgicaly reduce fat using cold. Fat is very sensitive to cold and with the application of a certain temperature can minimize the fat all over the body. Cool sculpting took ten years of research and $80 million at Harvard to actually prove the technology. And now over the last five years, we’ve been able to first start cool sculpting around the abdomen and go all over the body to minimize one to four inches in a single nonsurgical treatment. Grant Stevens, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Marina Del Rey, California, explains the results that can be expected after one treatment and side effects of cool sculpting.

There is no true average patient. Some people come in and just have their abdomen done. Most people are doing comprehensive contouring or treatment to transformation and they’re doing all around their body including their love handles, tummies, inner thighs or outer thighs in one session. When doing all round the body, we get results that look just like liposuction and the beauty of it is there’s no down time, no risk, no anesthesia and no bleeding. A lot of people are gravitating to cool sculpting because frankly all of us want to lose an inch of fat but not many of us want surgery.

Infrequently people will develop a painful period in the first week or two called neuralgia. It occurs in less than one out a hundred patients. Ironically I was one of the people and was treated with non-inflammatory medication like Advil, Aleve –it went away in a few weeks.

This video was filmed during The Aesthetic Meeting 2014 - the largest meeting of board certified aesthetic plastic surgeons learning about the latest advancements for facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation, breast revision, breast reduction and liposuction, among other topics.