Lynn's Life-Changing Tummy Tuck

Lynn's Life-Changing Tummy Tuck

Lynn had never worn the clothes she really wanted to wear, as she felt that she had to hide parts of her body that she did not like. She was afraid to have a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, due to the amount of downtime and the degree of work it entailed, but her board certified plastic surgeon put her at ease immediately. He showed her before and after photographs, thoroughly described the procedure, gave her care instructions for both pre- and post-surgery, and answered all of her questions, which gave her a strong level of comfort with the procedure.

After the procedure, Lynn was up and about in a week, and she felt better about herself almost immediately.

For those considering a tummy tuck, Lynn suggests making a pros and cons list about all of the considerations that concern you, and if the positive outweigh the negative, she suggests doing it. As she says, the pain isn’t as bad as most think, and the benefits she has seen make Lynn feel that it was the right and best choice for her.

Lynn states that, unlike childbirth, which some women go through numerous times, a tummy tuck isn’t as painful as that, and you only have to do it once--and it’s done!

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