Lynn's Clothes Fit Better After Liposuction

After deciding to have a tummy tuck, Lynn thought it best to have body contouring done at the same time. She chose this option to both minimize downtime from having two separate procedures, and to ensure that, once her stomach had been improved and was more taught, that her thighs matched. She talked with her doctor about making her look as natural as possible.

Lynn had larger legs and tended to carry weight there, more than most people. When she had the procedure, she decided to have the contouring on the inner portion of her legs. As a result, the body contouring helped give the appearance that her legs were longer and leaner. Now, when she wears bathing suits, skinny jeans, tighter clothes, and shorts, she looks and feels more confident.

Lynn says that most people don’t realize that the numbing medications used actually last a long time--essentially the duration that the pain lasts. She doesn’t feel that the fear of “pain” should be an excuse not to have the procedure, if you are looking for thinner legs, as the benefit far outweighs the minimal discomfort.

Now, Lynn feels more comfortable in her own body, and more secure about her appearance. As she says, she feels the best she can look at her age, giving her enhanced confidence and a better outlook on life.

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