How Imaging Software is Helping Plastic Surgeons Meet Patients’ Aesthetic Goals

How Imaging Software is Helping Plastic Surgeons Meet Patients’ Aesthetic Goals

Advances in procedure techniques are not the only thing attracting new patients to plastic surgery. Software imaging technology is changing the way plastic surgeons are able to communicate with their patients in terms of their expectations and what they desire from their surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Constantino Mendieta, based in Miami, FL discusses how this imaging software is changing the plastic surgery landscape.

“I think one of the greatest advents in plastic surgery as a communication tool between patients and their physicians is using technological softwares that allow you to morph and change the body shape right in front of your patient,” notes Dr. Mendieta. “It allows us, as plastic surgeons to communicate to the patients what our vision is and where we see things going.”

Dr. Mendieta explains that if the patient isn’t satisfied with what they see on the imaging software, their plastic surgeon is able to adjust it to get a better understanding of the patient’s aesthetic goals. “For example, with body contouring it’s all about the silhouette, there are differences in preferences in terms of how wide the patient wants their hips; some people prefer a body like Jennifer Lopez while others want a shape more like Jessica Biel,” he notes.

“In terms of breast augmentation and breast sizes, it’s very difficult to determine what a size “C” is because it could be completely different depending on what store a woman goes to buy her undergarments,” explains Dr. Mendieta.
The imaging software helps plastic surgeons create the shape customized for each patient and enable them to see for themselves what proportions they are comfortable with. “This is very important communication tool for our patients because it allows them to determine where they want to go. This software is revolutionary!” exclaims Dr. Mendieta.

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