What is the Brazilian butt lift?

What is the Brazilian butt lift?
What is the Brazilian butt lift?

The secret is out: Fine-tuning your fanny is one of the hottest new trends in plastic surgery, whether you're boosting your buttocks or heightening your hiney. There is a number of procedures for your posterior, and as the year continues, these operations are becoming more popular.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than 11,000 people received buttock augmentation in 2013, which represented a more than 58 percent increase from the previous year. As more surgeons see requests for this type of surgery, patients are presented with a wealth of options to choose from when designing their derrières. 

Sifting through the options
Much like the numerous choices for fat removal, there exists a myriad of operations for buttock enhancement, whether patients seek to add a little pop or umph. ABC News reported that butt surgeries have been increasingly popular, especially in the Houston region. One woman, Blanca Lozano, explained to the source that she opted for a fat grafting procedure, which is an operation that removes fat from other areas of the body then transfers it to another. This operation is both safe and long-lasting, though patients may have to go through several procedures to achieve optimal results. She said that her surgery was to enhance her own self-confidence, which had suffered after having two children.

"I want a natural look," Lozano told the source. "That's what I'm aiming for, a little boost."

Butt lifts are the ideal option for those who want to eliminate sagging, which may be the result of aging, weight loss or excess skin in the area. This procedure does not add to the buttocks, but instead, lifts the area by removing skin and fat via liposuction and surgery. Similar to fat grafting, the results are long-lasting, but may ultimately result in reduced volume of the area - though it will remain firmer.

For those looking to ramp up their rumps, the Brazilian butt lift may be the answer. Buttock augmentation can either be achieved through fat grafting or buttock implants, similar to breast implants. This procedure can lead to a fuller, rounder rear, but depending on which form of surgery the patient prefers, it may take up to six months to fully heal. However, the results are long-lasting and could help improve the fit of your clothing.

Male buttock enhancements on the rise
While women are traditionally on the receiving end of this procedure, men are not missing out on the fun. As men become more comfortable going under the knife, a rising number are seeking surgeons to make their buns a little more bubbly. According to ASAPS, 274 men received butt lifts in 2013 while 225 had buttock augmentations. Jeff Vickers, a 46-year-old construction company owner, explained to The New York Times that he received a butt augmentation to improve the fit of his jeans.

"I've always had a nonexistent butt," Vickers told the source. "Zero ... I just wanted to be able to put on a pair of pants and for them to stay up."

One Beverly Hills-based surgeon explained in a press release that his practice had seen a boom in the number of men seeking this surgery in the past couple of years.