Lower Body Lift: What is it? And Is it Right for you?

Lower Body Lift: What is it? And Is it Right for you?
Lower Body Lift: What is it? And Is it Right for you?

A lower body lift expeditiously improves the shape of the entire lower body after significant weight loss. These procedures are long, complicated and most of the time requires overnight stays. This massive surgery is performed in one fell swoop and includes a combination of procedures executed simultaneously that result in the following:

  • Significant skin removal - a surgeon makes an incision around the torso so that extra skin can be removed from all the way around the body: front, side and back.
  • Buttocks tightening - after skin is removed, the tissue is repositioned and tightened in the rear.
  • Outer thigh lift and tightening - extra loose skin is pulled up and tightened.
  • Tummy tuck or inner thigh lift - where the surgeon makes the incision in the torso, they are also able to contour the abdomen. If the patient doesn’t need a tummy tuck, the inner thighs can be contoured. (Me, Me, Me! Oh, sorry, I thought we needed a volunteer.)

Is it right for you?

This procedure removes massive amounts of sagging skin that could be the result of massive weight loss either from bariatric surgery or a healthy weight loss program. If you have sagging skin in the front (perhaps from a pregnancy), but still carry extra weight in the thighs and butt, your plastic surgeon may recommend losing weight in those areas prior to endeavoring on this significant procedure.

Depending on your answers to these additional questions, you may be a candidate:

Have you lost a significant amount of weight resulting in problematic sagging skin? Does it get in the way of daily activities, and/or cause discomfort or chaffing?

If yes, then read on.

Has it been at least 18 months since you lost the weight?

Doctors want to make sure that your skin has tightened on its own as much as possible, and that weight is stabilized and not subject to additional dramatic loss or gain.

Are you OK with a big scar?

A lower body lift will leave a noticeable scar around the entire torso, but most patients are willing to trade a scar for the removal of excess layers of skin. A surgeon will work with you to place the scar on the underwear line so that it is as discreet as possible.

Are you a nonsmoker or willing to give up smoking for four weeks before and after surgery?

Smoking impairs the body’s ability to heal, so being smoke-free is one of the best ways to set yourself up for a successful surgery.

Are you in good health?

After losing so much weight, you probably are! Way to go! But a surgeon will still need to know your health history and ensure that you are in tip-top shape to undergo this heavy-duty procedure. We want to make sure all your organs are up to the task of getting you through the surgery and recovery. You’ll look great after it all; we want you feeling good too!

A lower body lift procedure is a major surgery and patients should prepare to be out of work for at least 3-4 weeks and only start resuming normal activities after 6-8 weeks. Healing after the surgery will be a gradual process, but it is one step closer to having your ideal body and being ready to show off your new body contour! Be sure to contact a board-certified plastic surgeon to begin your journey in removing the excess skin you no longer need and congrats again on becoming a healthier you!

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