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  • We’ve Got Your Back with The Bra Line Back lift

    Who among us hasn’t experienced the very real and deep dressing room torture that ensues when stripping to skivvies in a three-way mirror? Not to mention the frustration with checking out one’s rear view in an especially form-fitting dress or top. If working out and eating clean isn’t doing the job and baby’s still got back, (but not exactly where it’s wanted) – then a bra line back lift may help. We caught up with Dr. Joseph P. 

  • Here’s One Way to Literally Freeze Your ‘Muffin Top’ Off

    Under the heading of “Things That Sound Too Good to Be True,” CoolSculpting, at first glance, might top the list. It’s a non-invasive treatment that uses a vacuum applicator (essentially a suction device) along with intense cooling to target the area of excess fat. We scored the scoop from board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Law on why this procedure is the real deal. 

  • Liposuction Took Three Inches off My Waistline

    Kimberly noticed her waist become thicker and in spite of her stringent diet and exercise, she couldn’t shed off the excess fat around her waist. She consulted with her board-certified plastic surgeon to find a solution.  

    “I discussed with him the results that I wanted to achieve and he suggested I undergo an abdominal and flank liposuction,” explains Kimberly. “I opted for local anesthesia and went home that same day.” 

  • Scars and the Art of Plastic Surgery

    A scar is nature’s thread, mending broken or cut skin with a waterproof closure. A skin cut initiates a complex inflammatory process designed to manufacture that thread. Like a skilled army, specialized cells lay down a clot to stop the bleeding, while wound-healing chemicals flow to the rescue. One of those chemicals is histamine. 

    Histamine stretches out a blood vessel like a stocking, opening up little holes to allow special healing cells to leak out. You might be familiar with a certain side effect: Histamine can make scars itch. 

  • Getting Back To Your Pre-Baby Body with “Mamacita” Surgery

    Motherhood is an exciting time in a woman’s life. With all the new experiences, joys and worries that come with having a child, one battle every new mom faces is getting back to her pre-pregnancy body.  

    Often women will back-burner their own needs for the time-consuming job of a caring for a new baby. Even when moms finally find some time to get into a regular workout routine, that excess fat might not drop off as easy as they might have hoped for.  

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