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  • Buyer Beware: Dying for a bigger butt

    From the Kardashian clan to Nicki Minaj, the junk in your trunk is a big (#bunpun) business. So big, in fact, that the merits of a big beautiful booty has inspired hit songs like “Bootylicious” and “Baby Got Back,” #belfies (butt selfies), dance trends (hello, twerking), and a current standard of beauty more accepting of a woman’s curves. 

  • Non-Surgical Fat Reduction: The Cool Down

    By now, we’re all aware of how liposuction works, and while some sing its praises, not everyone loves – or can even stomach – the idea of surgery. It entails potential risk, not to mention downtime that can keep you from working or even leaving your bed (actually, that second part doesn’t sound so bad…). As time goes on, though, technology continues to offer more and more alternatives to surgery, and one of the latest is CoolSculpting. 

  • Fighting Off Your Saddlebags: Advances in Noninvasive Body Contouring

    SAFELipo, an acronym for Separation, Aspiration and Fat Equalization, is a non-thermal body contouring procedure that removes pockets of body fat. Simeon Wall Jr., MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon from Shreveport, Louisiana explains SAFELipo is usually a circumferential procedure – which is to say all the way around the trunk. It is like a 360 degree shrink-wrap procedure that reduces the waist by several inches with permanent and visible results. 

  • Wave Bye-Bye to “Bye-Bye Arms”

    OK, I’m mildly fascinated by what’s going on under my arms. Some people call it “bat wing” arm, but I prefer bye-bye arms (as they keep waving long after I do). 

    People of every size have this issue and I’m pretty sure gravity is to blame. Damn you gravity — you truly think keeping us from floating out into space is a fair trade for the folds, sags and wrinkles you cause?  

  • Snapping Back To Pre-Pregnancy Shape Is Possible

    Congratulations are in order to those who've managed to shed their pregnancy weight once they’ve welcomed their little bouncing bundle of joy to the world. Now that the extra pounds are gone, many women may still be left with some residual excess or loose skin, as well as sagging – and I’m betting that some of them may be wondering what to do about it particularly because exercise and dieting doesn’t seem to be making a dent!  

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