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  • Overzealous skincare gets taken to task.

    You can never have too much of a good thing, right? Wrong. The killjoys at Town and Country magazine, recently set out to warn us against the dangers of overzealous skincare, claiming that slathering on layer upon layer of multi-branded products is ever-increasingly leading to skin drama — you know, breakouts, skin sensitivity, and rashes. Oh my. 

  • Can mechanical cleansing devices damage your skin?

    By Ron Robinson 

    We’ve all seen and heard about them, and probably even used at least one of them daily: electronic cleansing devices. 

    The ClarisonicTM automatically comes to mind, in addition to a slew of counterparts like the DDF Revolve 400X Micro-Polishing System, which uses a sponge-type head to buff and polish the skin for microdermabrasion results. 

  • 3 ways to tame your turkey neck

    It’s time to talk turkey, and we’re not referring to the star of your Thanksgiving soiree. What we mean is your neck. More specifically, the loose, sagging skin on your neck that starts to resemble a turkey’s waddle as we age — hence the ever unflattering term: turkey neck. 

    Sadly, there’s nothing that betrays the real digits on your drivers license faster than your neck. Okay… maybe your hands too… but I digress. 

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