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  • Why It’s Important To Have a Medical Exam Before Plastic Surgery

    We are conditioned to believe that cosmetic procedures aren’t “really” surgery and are inherently safer and risk-free. But ultimately, surgery is surgery, and a lot of the same precautions will exist whether you are getting a tummy tuck, nose job or an illness-related medical procedure. 

  • Plastic Surgery During Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

    It is no secret that a woman’s body changes drastically during the pregnancy process, and often leaves her with permanent reminders of the stresses caused by fluctuating weight, hormones, and other factors. It is also a time when many women feel less than confident and seek outside measures to restore the sense of their pre-pregnancy self. 

  • Beware: Plastic Surgery and Injectables Can Age You

    More and more of us are turning to plastic surgery and injectables to reverse the clock. We want to look younger and more vibrant and we want to remain competitive in an increasingly ageist marketplace. Likewise, our plastic surgeon’s office can often feel akin to the mythical fountain of youth. 

  • Is a “Cooling-Off Period” for Plastic Surgery on its Way?

    We live in an age of immediate gratification, with little to no room for any “patience is a virtue” idealism. But when it comes to plastic surgery, both the U.K. and Australia are thinking that’s just what consumers need. Both countries are proposing guidelines for plastic surgery that would instate mandatory “cooling off periods” after the initial consultation, for patients seeking these elective procedures, and many doctors agree with their thinking.  

  • What to Consider When Selecting Your Plastic Surgeon

    Flash sales, Groupons, billboards swathed with “before and after,” ads featuring scantily clad women showing off their new implants on the bus next to you at a stoplight. I’ve seen too much. Too much skin, too many sales, too many ‘deals of a lifetime’ to compel people to base a decision to use a specific doctor on the physician’s ability to purchase an ad or airtime.  

  • The Helicopter Crash and the Plastic Surgeon

    When you’re looking for someone to do your plastic surgery, choose a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

    You’re probably thinking that articles about choosing a plastic surgeon make YOU bored-certified. 

    So scratch that, and let’s talk about a helicopter crash. 

    Several years ago I volunteered for a medical mission in Central America. I nearly backed out at the thought of leaving my two toddlers, but I was eager to help other mothers’ children, so I went.  

  • Anesthesia 101: What You Need to Know Before Your Next Cosmetic Procedure

    Ever since Joan Rivers’ passing, I have several friends who have expressed concerns about having any kind of procedure which would require having to undergo anesthesia. Rivers, who was notorious for the number of cosmetic surgeries she’d amassed, ironically did not fall ill while having a cosmetic surgery procedure- rather while having an endoscopic one. Rivers died on September 4, 2014, a week after she underwent a procedure at Manhattan’s Yorkville Endoscopy clinic. 

  • Cosmetic Surgery Tourism: If You’re Going Abroad Here’s What You Need to Know

    Are you looking for aesthetic procedures beyond the US border? The option for less expensive cosmetic surgery can be compelling. I'm somewhat familiar with the desire for aesthetic procedures with a lower sticker price, since my aunt chose to have her second facelift in Mexico. (For anyone keeping track, her first was performed in Dallas, her third in Santa Fe.)  

  • Don’t Be the Next Headline or Statistic of Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

    Plastic surgery procedures have gained a greater acceptance than ever before. But with this acceptance comes entrants to the field more concerned with financial gain that with your safety or outcome. 

    The number of untrained, unlicensed/uncertified entrants to the market has brought serious patient safety issues with them, such as unapproved products, and lack of surgical or even basic medical training that has resulted in unsatisfying results at best and pain, disfigurement and death at worst.  

  • Know your surgeon, do your research

    I came across this article a few days ago and it really upset me: Bronx woman died seeking cheap tummy tuck surgery in Dominican Republic 

    I can totally understand wanting to put my body back the way it was before having kids, but it is so not worth risking your life. Of course every surgery has risks, but this article proves how crucial it is to do your research and select a surgeon with the proper credentials.  

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