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  • Men and plastic surgery: Moving past the metrosexual

    By Ron Robinson 

    When it comes to skincare, beauty products and grooming, it may not be so unusual to see more men take extreme interest. At first, the term ‘metrosexual’ (a man who takes care of his appearance; has an interest in art, style and fashion) was not used by a lot of men willingly. But now, it’s 2014 and it seems that it has become socially acceptable for men to become more interested in looking younger and more attractive, without being labeled.  

  • Taking “star struck” to a whole new level

    One of the many fascinations of Liberace’s life as portrayed in the HBO bio/drama “Behind the Candelabra” is his boyfriend’s, Scott Thorson’s, plastic surgery. The goal of Thorson’s rhinoplasty, chin implant and restructured cheekbones was to make him look as much like Liberace as possible. 

  • The rise of ethnic plastic surgery: How do you define beauty?

    By Ron Robinson 

    We’ve heard the phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But that “beholder” may not just refer to a personal preference, but the preference of an entire ethnicity. 

    Whether you’re from the USA, China or India, people all over the world base their definition of ideal beauty on certain facial proportions and cultural ideas. And, funny enough, it usually falls within the lines of: whatever you don’t have, you want. 

  • Is plastic surgery a solution to bullying?

    Getting picked on and being bullied is nothing new to the 21st century, but lately bullying is getting more and more coverage by the press. These days there are school assemblies and lesson plans on bullying, articles on anti-bullying, anti-bullying political agendas and anti-bullying policies in public schools. 

    But no matter how much we try to address the issue, bullying seems to run rampant. If anything, it is probably getting worse with the convenience and anonymity of the Internet. 

  • Is There Such A Thing As DIY Plastic Surgery?

    By Ron Robinson 

    So, I was watching Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb on the Today Show this morning (yes, I enjoy some daytime television), and they were talking about the Fullips Natural Lip Enhancer -- a tool for fuller, healthier-looking lips without the use of injections or chemicals. Kathie Lee explained that Cosmo’s beauty editor loved it! If it worked for her, then it most certainly should work for all of us. Right? 

  • Top ten plastic surgery advancements for 2014

    By Ron Robinson 

    It’s 2014! And with a new year means new innovations and advancements in plastic surgical procedures. Through surgical cosmetic procedures, we can see trends regarding skincare and cosmetics, how women want to look and feel.  

  • Is your plastic surgeon becoming your BFF?

    Tip-plasty: At the risk of getting a little too personal, have you noticed your nose looking droopy? This is a problem solved by Barry Weintraub, a plastic surgeon and ASAPS member who specializes in procedures for women who are older than 50. Weintraub tells AARP, “I’m seeing an increase in patients who had nose jobs elsewhere in their youth. 

  • Doctor, should I have surgery?

    At least once a week a patient asks me the question “Doctor should I undergo this surgery?” Early in my career I found this a hard question to answer. 

    Over the years I have developed a strategy for answering this question, which I believe, helps patients figure out their own way, rather than using my opinion to reach a decision. I will paraphrase what I usually say here: 

  • Plastic surgery: Where beauty and medicine coexist

    If you’re lucky, you have a hairdresser you can trust. Now it’s time to find a plastic surgeon. About five years ago, I worked as an editor for a plastic surgery journal published by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. One of my tasks was to find cover art for each issue, so we asked member plastic surgeons to submit artwork. I was flooded with submissions. 

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