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  • What Smart Beauty Means to Me: Very Careful Tweaks and Additions

    Sometime around when the hormones come rushing in and the training bras are first purchased, there’s a newfound love and devotion to one’s appearance. I know it was around the beginning of middle school for me, and somewhere around eleven and a half years old I suddenly found myself reading Teen magazine, studying the images of who and what was beautiful, and figuring out what it all meant to me. I remember running to one of my older cousins with a ripped out page of some then-starlet and quickly saying “this is exactly how I want you to make my makeup look! And my face. All of me. 

  • What Smart Beauty Means to Me

    Hi, Smart Beauty Guide readers! 

    I’m really excited to be part of the team here, partially because smart beauty has become an increasingly important part of my life over the last few years. 

  • Things You Can Do to PREVENT Wrinkles, Other Than Not Smiling

    I’m not gonna lie, I have had a laugh, cackle, guffaw and chortle cut short recently, because something in my brain reminded me that I was doing something far more significant than giddily enjoying myself and the moment - I was possibly setting my already apparent marionette lines and crow’s feet into a downward spiral of being etched even deeper into my once wrinkle-free face.  

  • Getting Ready: Lifestyle Changes and Proper Prep Prior to Surgery

    After months, if not years of looking at yourself in the mirror and tugging on that stubborn pocket of fat, or pulling back loose folds of skin, you may finally feel ready to take the plunge into the world of aesthetic plastic surgery.  

  • What Does Smart Beauty Mean to Me?

    If you had asked me for my definition of Smart Beauty when I was 21 years old, I would have immediately responded with, "Flawless skin, a size 2 waist, legs that go on for days, high cheekbones, full lips and a turned up nose." I think back to who that girl was and I want to take her face in my hands and tell her that smart beauty - real beauty starts from deep within you. It emanates from you and it’s a light that can't be extinguished. 

  • Be smart about beauty: Get back to the basics

    I sum up “Smart Beauty” in four short phrases because beauty is elemental. It’s basic. It’s less about putting on, and more about exposing the raw materials, artfully.  

    Self Care
    My first beauty basic - do what I can do on my own.  

  • Top 3 cosmetic problems caused by exercise

    By: Ron Robinson 

    We all look to exercise as a way of bettering ourselves by keeping our bodies in shape, relieving stress and warding off ailments such as diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis. Overall, exercise is also great for your skin (the body’s largest organ), as it helps with blood circulation to nourish skin cells and keep them vital and tone muscle  

  • Spa treatments to try at home

    Between vying for a coveted appointment, exorbitant spa prices, and simply finding the time in your busy schedule, a day of pampering can be more stressful than whatever stress you’re trying to soothe at the spa. So let’s turn to the DIY-scene for some luxurious treatments that won’t cost you a fortune that you can treat yourself to at home.  

  • Five anti-aging tools no one should live without

    OK, fine, I could live without them and I certainly don't want you thinking that if some kind of apocalypse happened or I was sent to do Peace Corps work that I would just throw my hands in the air and say, "You don't have the right outlets to charge my Clarisonic, I'm out. Where's the tallest bridge? Crap, I was sent on this mission to build a bridge? Well, as soon as I build it, I'm jumping off of it." What, I'm a philanthropic person, who doesn't like dull slack skin! 

  • The Fountain of Youth is filled with smoothies

    So many people want to jump on the blended band wagon, but they think it's a ton of work. As a self-proclaimed loafer, I guarantee there's little to no work involved (hello, I'm the same person that's too lazy to go back in the shower and shave the leg I forgot about). 

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