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  • Top 10 Most Requested Celebrity Lips

    Thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner, lips have become arguably the most-talked about facial feature on social media. They’re everywhere— you see kissy face uploads all over Instagram, seductive pouts on Facebook, and puckered up videos all over Snapchat. Here are the top 10 most requested celebrity lips in the game: 

  • Fatten Up - Will Fat Transfer Replace Fillers?

    Your face: the one place that you don’t want to lose fat is ironically the one that does. I’d play Alanis Morissette’s song Ironic, but one of my kids erased her songs from my playlist. More irony, I suppose. Most people assume that when the fat is lost, it’s time for filler and they aren’t wrong, but what they don’t think about is using the natural filler they make at home, fat. I know, I made it sound like moonshine, but the procedure is actually highly technical and with a skilled plastic surgeon can be highly effective. 

  • Who Is Administering Your Botox? Why Credentials Matter.

    NBC's recent story, about the major consequences of seemingly minor facial treatments calls our attention to a scary but true scenario- doctors you trust for significant care in certain areas of your life --from dentistry to internal medicine--are not likely the best option to administer facial fillers or Botox. But until you know what qualifications to look for, you may be swayed to get an enhancement at the hands of a Botox novice.  

  • New in Beauty: Restylane Silk Offers Subtle Lip Enhancement

    As we get older, our skin changes – and with it, our appearance. 

    I’ve just entered my mid-thirties and things are starting to happen. Lines are appearing where they weren’t before; I have wrinkles and graying roots. 

    With many years (we hope) of aging before me, it seemed like a good idea to find methods to stop some of the signs in its tracks – and that’s why I tried Restylane Silk. 

  • Busting the Four Myths About Dermal Fillers

    While most of the world is relatively free from traveling snake-oil salesmen tactics, that doesn’t mean the fear-mongering, telling of tales and telephone game misinformation left the building with them. No sir, those myths still abound. So let’s bust ‘em, shall we? 

  • A Look at How Dermal Fillers Work and What’s in Them

    From the silicone injections popularized in the 40’s and 50’s, to the animal collagen derivative fillers of the 70’s (Zyderm, Zyplast), to the modern hyaluronic acid fillers used today, dermal fillers have come a long way from the humble fat-injecting beginnings of Dr. Gustav Adolf Neuber, also a big proponent of complete cleanliness in surgical rooms. Thanks! 

  • I’d Rather Stick Needles in My Eyes - Tried and Tested - Botox

    Let me be frank. As a parent, I’ve used that phrase quite a bit. There are times when my daughter is channeling her inner-popstar and after 2 hours of listening to her Boom! Clap, Bang Bang - or tell me how it’s All About That Bass (with attempted twerking) I may text my hubby that, I’d rather stick needles in my eyes than watch one more rendition of Shake It Off. Clearly, I don’t mean it. My children, like your children are precious and brilliantly talented, but 2 hours could make any mom threaten to take desperate measures. 

  • Tried and Tested — I Pumped Up The Voluma!

    This summer, I mentioned my 5 Starter Procedure list Yes, if you like me are trying to tell people you’re a decade younger (and you want them to believe you) these will help. That said, I recently tried good ol’ #3 and pumped up the volume in my cheeks. Since nothing I do is sacred, I thought I’d tell you ALL about it (the good, the bad, and the ugly. Oh, I said ugly).  

  • Red Flags That You’re Getting Your BOTOX® From the Wrong “Professional”

    BOTOX injections seem common these days, but just because it feels like everyone else is getting them, doesn't mean that just anyone should be administering them.  

    I spoke with board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Adam Rubinstein to get professional advice on the most important questions to ask anyone about to administer botulinum toxin (BOTOX, Dysport, Xeomin) or any other injectable(s) to your face or anywhere else on your person!  

  • Botulinum Toxin (AKA: BOTOX®, Dysport® or Xeomin®) – When too much of a good thing becomes a reality

    We’re all familiar with the concept of “too much of a good thing” but the pearl behind that wisdom hits especially hard when it happens to your face. Two years ago I began to develop the dreaded “11” between my brows. They were slight, but I am all for spending on prevention rather than investing in restoration, so I opted for Botox along with Juvederm injections. My doctor is very conservative and methodical, so instead of doing it all at once, he did the Botox and then waited 2 weeks to inject the Juvederm. 

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