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  • Five Tips for Making Your Facelift Last

    Let’s just say you went ahead and did it. In a fit of officially being “over it,” you bid adieu to droopy jowls, a saggy brow and any number of the effects of aging that, as time marched on, became immune to temporary fillers and skin rejuvenating procedures. You went and got a face lift and, fortunately, you’re thrilled with the results. But before you throw in the towel when it comes to healthy living, SPF and skincare, you should know that a facelift doesn’t “stop the clock” on the effects of aging. 

  • Keep Your Chin Up! Let’s Talk About Chin Augmentation

    With famous phrases like, “The eyes are the window to the soul,” and the ability of a pillowy set of lips to become a cultural phenomenon (we’re talking to you, Angelina Jolie) — there is no shortage of evidence pointing to the importance we place on prominent facial features. And while we often focus on the peepers and the puckers — what about the rest? 

  • Stop Feeling Bad About Your Neck!

    The late queen of keepin’ it real, Nora Ephron wasn’t alone when she titled her 2006 best-seller, “I Feel Bad About My Neck.” In fact, as we age it’s a strong bet that many of us will start to feel “bad” about our necks — and for good reason. A once swanlike neck that starts to accumulate fat, wrinkles and vertical banding as we grow older is hardly the stuff of dreams. And when that tight as a baby’s bottom jawline starts to display jowls, a double chin, and/or a “turkey wattle” you’ll need that neck scarf to wipe away the tears.  

  • 6 solutions for dark under-eye circles

    Many people, both young and old complain of dark circles under the eyes. There are many different causes of dark color of the lower eyelid skin and shadows beneath the lower eyelid. It could even be a combination of different problems, which is why it is important to understand what causes dark circles before figuring out how to correct or remove them from under the eyes. 

    Here are six reasons why you have dark under-eye circles and their treatment options: 

  • 6 ways to combat FaceTime neck

    You know how every once in a while you accidentally FaceTime someone or you pick up the phone to take a picture and the camera is turned to face you and you literally squeal in horror? The first thing I always notice is my neck. Why is it so wrinkly? Why does it look older than my face? By next year will someone mistake me for Thanksgiving dinner? 

  • Your top 5 questions about rhinoplasty answered 

    Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery (commonly referred to as “nose job”), is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, rhinoplasty was one of the top five surgical procedures performed in 2013, with over 147,000 procedures performed. 

  • Neck lifts on the rise – literally

    I happened across an article on FOX News the other day that mentioned an upward trend towards neck lifts.  

    Evidently breast augmentation and liposuction are far more popular, but now they are seeing more and more people coming in for neck and butt lifts (I’ll cover “the butt” in my next blog!). 

    I totally get the neck lift. My momma always told me a lady shows her age first in her neck and then her hands. Yet for some reason women often neglect their neck in their daily skincare regimen, allowing it to show signs of age well before the face.  

  • Do French women get facelifts?

    Put the word “French” in front of anything – designers, food, wine, perfume, pastries or face cream - and the price goes up. From Brigitte Bardot to Catherine Deneuve, the French twist ups the ante. Are French women more beautiful, sophisticated, better-dressed, elegant, sensual, refined and mysterious? I don’t know, but they sure would like you to think so. 

  • Do facial exercises make you look younger?

    By Jo-Lynne Shane 

    I’ve been hearing a lot about facial exercises to help combat the signs of aging.
    On the one hand, it makes sense. Physical exercise definitely can change the body’s appearance. I’ve been working out with a trainer for two years, and I can personally attest to how certain body parts have been lifted and toned. 

  • 10 Questions about Facelifts

    Facelifts are still growing in popularity, and for good reason—facelift results can be powerful and last far longer than those achieved with minimally invasive procedures. 

    If you are contemplating a facelift, here are answers to questions I hear most often.  

    1. Who is a good candidate for a facelift?
    There is no set age or profile. Factors to consider include age, body type and size.  

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