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  • Do Your Ears Hang Low? Earlobe Reduction Can Fix That!

    "Do Your Ears Hang Low?" is a song you might remember from your childhood. Though this ditty is meant to bring on the laughs, it's actually not so funny if you're one of the many who are unhappy with their ears. Being dissatisfied with your appearance can greatly affect your self-esteem, confidence, general attitude towards life and the day-to-day way you deal with other people. 

  • Upcycling Plastic Surgery

    Upcycling might seem like an odd word choice when one thinks of Plastic Surgery, but it’s really quite apt when it comes to certain techniques used in everyday practice. Essentially, it refers to removing material from one area and finding a better use for it elsewhere. 

  • Getting A Nose Job Is Not Always About Vanity

    I was born with the same “Jewish nose” as my mom and many before us. As soon as I turned 18, I had it fixed – a graduation gift from my grandmas, the only gift I actually wanted. 

    Many share this story… getting nose jobs to cope with bumps and hooks and curves they aren’t comfortable with. Rhinoplasty has absolutely gotten a reputation for being about vanity, and in many cases that is what it’s all about. But, there are quite a few other reasons a person may choose to get their nose fixed, and a lot have absolutely nothing to do with vanity. 

  • Need Eyebrows? The Neograft Eyebrow Transplantation Procedure Might Be Worth The Investment

    Performing the daily chore of enhancing the color of my eyebrows and creating the illusion of thicker and fuller brows is the story of my life…literally - or as my husband would say, the bane of my existence. As a fair-skinned, blonde-from-birth woman much to my chagrin, now at age 41, my once blonde roots are currently dark, (hence the BFF relationship I share with my colorist,) and yet my sparse brows and lashes have not gotten the message and remain lily white blonde.  

  • Getting Those Pouty Lips You Covet is Easier Than You Think!

    Elizabeth Taylor’s infamous quote “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together,” perfectly sums up our society’s collective obsession with lips. In fact, I’d venture a guess that before most women leave their house- at least 90 percent of them first and foremost accentuate their lips with some kind of enhancer be it a shimmery gloss or lip stain. Why? Because prettying up our pouts is a quick and easy way to feel more pulled together and feminine. 

  • Fortifying My Eye Fringe with Latisse: Part 1

    Remember when a rapid fluttering of your youthful lashes could create a devastating windstorm capable of charming the masses and clearing your desk of a day’s workload? Me too. And I want them back. 

  • How to Combat Under-Eye Baggage at Every Age

    Ladies love pillows. This I know is true. We love hordes of them on the bed, chairs and sofas. However, there is one “pillow” that strikes fear into the heart of every gal — and guy for that matter — and that would be the one that resides under your eyes. This pillow is sometimes accompanied by dark circles and a look of exhaustion. Puffy, pillowy under-eye baggage.  

  • Sticking it to the Cyclops: The Upper Eyelid Surgery That Got Rid of An Unsightly Problem for Good!

    By Amelda Jacobs 

    I suppose I should’ve seen it coming. Ptosis, a drooping or falling of the upper eyelid is apparently a genetic thing in my family. My grandfather on my mom’s side had ptosis, my mother had ptosis, and by the age of 38, I was its next victim… along with my older sisters.  

  • When to Consider A Facelift: Is 40 Too Young?

    One of the questions I get asked most frequently as a plastic surgeon is, “What age does it make sense to begin considering a facelift?” My answer comes as a surprise to most. The average age of facelift clients has actually been on the rise due to a variety of factors, among which are improved modern skincare regimens and the development of new non-surgical procedures. Forty years old is now almost always too young to consider a facelift. 

  • Excess Baggage: Why I Chose to Go Under the Knife to Get Rid of It Once and for All

    Genevieve Miller 

    It started when I was a kid. I was self-conscious about my dark circles and what looked like a bit of puffiness under my eyes. In junior high school, I was already piling on the concealer to hide what I could. Lucky for me, I grew up around makeup artists who taught me tricks of the trade. It worked for quite some time – or at least to the extent that I could live with it.  

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