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  • Eyelid surgery and LASIK: What’s the right timing?

    By Dr. Elliot W. Jacobs 

    Perhaps you’ve reached the point in life where you’re not sure which bothers you more: changes in your vision that impact your ability to see well, or changes in your eyelids that impact how others see you. 

    If this sounds familiar, you may be considering LASIK to restore clear eyesight and blepharoplasty to open up your eyelids and bring back a vibrant, youthful appearance. But how should you time the procedures?  

  • 3 game-changers in anti-aging

    Lions and tigers and bears — Oh my! If the dangers of Oz made poor Dorothy quake in her ruby slippers, just imagine how the poor gal would cower at today’s modern fears: flushing and sagging and jowls. OH MY… GOD! 

  • Can DNA predict what’s best for your skin?

    Judging from the vast array of jars jostling for counter space in your bathroom, there’s nary a one of us who is immune to the marketing mumbo-jumbo of skincare products. “Wipe out wrinkles in 10 days,” “eradicate age spots,” or “erase under eye circles” — the promises are just too good. So we plunk down the cash, apply as directed, and wait, hoping for the best.  

  • Facial exercises for facial rejuvenation, do they work?

    By John Van Borsel, PhD of Ghent, Belgium 

    Physical beauty plays an important role in present day society. Physical beauty is limited to the age, however, and with advancing age good looks diminish. Signs of aging are particularly noticeable in the face. 

  • If you’re a material girl, get material

    When you put your money where your hands are, you can reverse the effects of aging hands. A New York plastic surgeon tells “More” magazine that dramatic results can be achieved using autologous fat transfer. Your fat will be removed from a fleshy body part, like your tummy, and then injected into the dorsal (nonpalm) side of your hands, plumping them up, pulling your skin taut and making veins and bones less apparent. 

    Fat transfer to the hands requires a small dose of local anesthesia. Results are almost immediate and may last for many years.  

  • Eye have it figured out

    Here's the thing about aging… somehow it sneaks up on you. I mean, common sense says it will happen and yet none of us are prepared. Instead, we're shocked! In fact, my revelation went kinda like this: One morning I looked in the mirror and thought, holy crap sometime between last night and today I aged like 20 years. Seriously, when I went to bed last night I was at least a decade younger. My eyes are puffy and those dark circles… what happened? Did I get into a melee last night when I got up to pee? 

  • What do I have in common with Madonna?

    Madonna and I have two things in common. Our hands are a dead giveaway and we’re both not virgins. 

    But back to where it really hurts – where you live – how you look! According to a study in a reputable plastic surgery journal, ”the leading culprit that causes people to look older is a thin face,” i.e., you need fat on your face to look younger. If you have a youthful plump face, you can afford to sculpture your cheeks with a little bronzer, but the buck stops there. If dieting, exercise and aging have left you with a gaunt version of yourself, you will simply look older. 

  • Wrinkles vs Folds

    When patients are in my office for a facial consultation, I discuss the following to help educate them, because an educated patient is the best patient.  

    There are three things you can do to a wrinkle.  

    1)You can temporarily paralyze the wrinkle with Botox. Botox is most commonly used in three areas: the horizontal forehead wrinkles (this has the secondary benefit of conservatively lifting the corners of the eyebrows), the frowns (“angry 11’s”), and the crows’ feet.  

  • How To Prevent And Treat Crow’s Feet

    By Ron Robinson 

    It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I completely agree, but I also feel that our eyes are the windows to our age. 

    Whether we want people to know or not, the skin around our eyes can reveal plenty -- if we’re dehydrated, tired, happy, upset... pretty much all of our emotions and well-being are shown through the eyes. 

  • How to combat those pesky wrinkles

    It’s amazing to me how you can have plump, youthful, glowing skin one day, and the next morning you wake up and look in the mirror and see crow’s feet and elevens. You know what elevens are, right? Those lovely wrinkles that form between your eyes, just above your nose? 

    Crow’s feet and elevens are a dead giveaway that you’ve transitioned from the 30s to the 40s. At 41, I feel like I find new wrinkles every time I look in the mirror. 

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