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  • 80 is the New 60

    In the last year, the number of 75 to 80- year-old individuals who have come to my office for cosmetic procedures has increased significantly. Body contouring, facelifts and fillers in preparation for celebrating the big 75 and 80-year milestones has been a recurring theme. Each one has said they don’t feel their age and they want their appearance to reflect how they feel. 

  • Breaking Down Cosmetic Procedures for Your Kids

    This summer, I had Botox and fillers done so subtly that my daughter noticed from a mile away. Fine, it wasn’t an actual mile, but it was about the length of a baseball field. I know this for certain because she was at camp on a baseball field and ran up to me, the entire length of the field, saying, “What happened to your face?” 

  • Want Your Cosmetic Surgery to Last? Do This!

    The decision to undergo any sort of cosmetic procedure, especially a facelift, is very personal and not to be taken lightly. You've got to make sure you're in the right hands and then consider the financial commitment, your expectations, any potential pain or discomfort and of course recovery/downtime.
    If you do decide to green-light a cosmetic procedure, it's important to note that most do have a shelf life. The good news? You can influence what that shelf life is! 

  • Knee Fat: The Silent Cue to Aging You Never Expected

    Imagine this: You’re a total health nut and run 5 days a week and spend the rest of your waking hours toiling over every bit of organic lettuce you put in your mouth. Your skin is radiant, your hair is long and healthy, and you have the optimal fat to muscle ratio working throughout your body— so you wear short skirts and cutoff shorts even though you’re far beyond the unspoken nothing-above-the-knees-past-30 rule that our mothers’ generation dutifully obeyed. 

  • Determining Your Age Based on Facial Features – What Makes Someone Look Younger?

    Have you ever had the not-so-pleasant experience of a co-worker, a decade your senior, assuming you were their peer based on your appearance and sadly, not your wisdom?  

  • Should You Let Your Teen Undergo Plastic Surgery?

    At 41 years-old, I have learned that beauty is truly skin deep, and yet just when I think I've finally allowed that statement to fully integrate into my overall consciousness, an off-hand comment hurled my way can revert me back to that 16 year-old insecure teen who desperately wanted a nose job. 

  • Myth Busting: Plastic surgery Fact vs. Fiction

    For all the factual information out there on cosmetic surgery, there’s an equal amount of gobbledygook, flimflam and hornswoggle. Today we’re going to look at a few popular misconceptions being bandied about in order to clear the air using a little something we like to call reality. Here we go! 

  • Get the 411 on the Expiration Dates of Cosmetic Surgery Results

    I have a tendency to get nervous during virtually any medical procedure, and one of the ways I calm myself down is by talking… a lot. So, when I was recently getting my annual mammogram, I was yammering away with the technician, who was squashing my breast like a pancake in a vise-like contraption to get a decent picture of what was going on in there. Somehow, talking makes me feel less uncomfortable – or at least mentally anyway.  

  • More Women Prefer a Youthful Looking Face to a Youthful Looking Body:

    Would it surprise you to learn that women prefer a younger looking face over a more youthful looking body? Those were the findings of a small sample group in a study funded by the cosmetic injectables company Allergan, best known for BOTOX or botulinum toxin type A. 

  • Anti-Aging Tips for your Mind, Body and Soul

    With every year comes another birthday, and along with getting older is the realization that my body isn’t what it used to be five, ten, fifteen years ago. I’m pretty much a healthy eater and good with exercise, but I want to do more to take care of myself and to help ease into the aging process.  

    After a bit of Internet research, I’ve discovered that not only could I be taking a little better care of my body, but my mind as well. If you’re like me and love to learn new things and implement healthy changes into your life, I have a few easy tips to help you along the way. 

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