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  • Emergency beauty tips to undo holiday damage

    We’re in the home stretch of holiday cheer—which means that, by now, you may be looking more haggard mall Santa than ethereal Christmas angel. This will not do. So in the spirit of the season, we’ve muddled together a cocktail of DIY emergency beauty tips to help repair the damage from the inevitable overindulgence in eggnog, parties, and late nights. Consider it our Smart Beauty Guide gift to you. You’re welcome. Let’s begin. 

  • My father is a plastic surgeon

    By Leigh Adams, Daughter of William P. Adams, MD of Boston, MA 

    As the daughter of a plastic surgeon, the first question I am commonly asked is whether or not I have had anything done. Although I have not had any cosmetic surgery to date, I believe one day I probably will. I wish to age gracefully and I have witnessed time and time again the positive effect surgery has had on my father's patients. 

  • A history lesson in Retin-A

    Gather round kiddies — it’s story time! We’re going to weave a web of alchemy, Pope-dom, Jack Daniels, prison, and the search for the fountain of youth — combining history and science in the story of how Retin-A came to be… and how it almost didn’t happen.  

    An article in Allure magazine recently turned us on to the adventures (and misadventures) of one particular University of Pennsylvania medical school professor named Albert Kligman, who made that one giant leap and discovered what is now considered the gold standard in anti-aging — Retin-A. 

  • How to properly exfoliate

    Wintertime is here and the dry skin is baaaaack! 

    I don’t know about you, but every year I struggle with dry and itchy skin. Suddenly my face, which was smooth and glowing for the past few months, becomes a playground for the cold, dry weather that loves to take its toll on my delicate epidermis. Instead of being moist and supple, my skin feels tight and looks flaky and pulled taught.  

    I usually switch to a richer moisturizer when cold weather strikes, but the key to getting through the winter without being a flaky monster is exfoliation. 

  • Wrinkles vs Folds

    When patients are in my office for a facial consultation, I discuss the following to help educate them, because an educated patient is the best patient.  

    There are three things you can do to a wrinkle.  

    1)You can temporarily paralyze the wrinkle with Botox. Botox is most commonly used in three areas: the horizontal forehead wrinkles (this has the secondary benefit of conservatively lifting the corners of the eyebrows), the frowns (“angry 11’s”), and the crows’ feet.  

  • How To Prevent And Treat Crow’s Feet

    By Ron Robinson 

    It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I completely agree, but I also feel that our eyes are the windows to our age. 

    Whether we want people to know or not, the skin around our eyes can reveal plenty -- if we’re dehydrated, tired, happy, upset... pretty much all of our emotions and well-being are shown through the eyes. 

  • Hey you: You’re washing your face wrong

    It’s not exactly brain surgery, but that doesn't mean the mindless slapping on and rinsing off of your face cleanser is the correct way to wash your face. ‘Cause it’s not. It seems an inordinate amount of us are washing our faces wrong, with a recent article in Allure Magazine citing a whopping 70% of women still using soap and water. SOAP and WATER?! Are you kidding me? No. 

    It’s these shameful statistics that lead us to harping on about the how-to’s of face washing — yes, again. We’re going to do this until we’re all doing it right. 

  • 6 Awesome non-surgical options (available now and in the near future) to help you ditch the extra fat

    Everyone loves to tell you how to get rid of those extra pounds, like it's so easy. "Put down the donut." "Go to the gym." "Be less stressed." "Drink 30 gallons of water each day." "Get 23 hours of sleep." "Cut out carbs." "Do cardio all day, everyday." 

    There, now you have everything you need to get thin and svelte. You’re welcome. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Have you lost any of that fat yet? No? How about now? Still no? Sheesh, you’re lazy! 

  • Overzealous skincare gets taken to task.

    You can never have too much of a good thing, right? Wrong. The killjoys at Town and Country magazine, recently set out to warn us against the dangers of overzealous skincare, claiming that slathering on layer upon layer of multi-branded products is ever-increasingly leading to skin drama — you know, breakouts, skin sensitivity, and rashes. Oh my. 

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